Diners Describe The Worst Service They've Ever Gotten At Restaurants

When it comes to bad restaurant service, one normally thinks of waiting 20 minutes for someone to take your order, not stealing your credit card number or your car. But these Reddit restaurant stories show you just how bad things can get. Because, unless you've been really unlucky, you've probably never experienced the worst restaurant service up there. Scams, phlegm, frozen oranges - it's all there. Even getting a child drunk because, you know, that's a normal thing for a restaurant to decide to do. Given, much of the issues in food service come from customers not understanding the nature of the industry, but these instances defy all logical customer service.

These Reddit restaurant stories will put your dining in perspective - or make you never, ever want to eat out again. As these stories show, sticking to your local restaurant won't even help because management changes, and so does the establishment.

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  • Totally Inappropriate Abuse Of Information

    From Kindern

    "I was eating with a female friend at a reasonably nice restaurant. Not posh, but expensive. Before we were seated we grabbed a drink at the bar, and while there she signed up to some sort of newsletter at the bar. To be fair it was stuff like this that made me apprehensive to call the place 'posh'.

    Anyways, we sit down and the girl I'm with gets a text telling her how beautiful she looks. She ignores it and another one comes through asking her what she's doing later. She hasn't got a clue who it is and ignores it.

    We're finishing up our meal and a third text comes through saying she shouldn't be with a guy like me and asking if she wanted dessert with a 'real man.'

    Now it's clear someone in the restaurant has her number and we clocked that she had put it down on the application form for the newsletter. Considering the newsletters went into a box behind the bar it was a member of staff. After getting the manager down and having him call the number, it turned out one of the waiters had taken her number and address off this form, written it in his phone and had spent the evening taking pictures of her from behind the bar. The police ended up involved."

  • Was It Even A Restaurant?

    From Foodstamp_:

    "I went to a Mexican restaurant that was completely empty on a Saturday night. Highlights included:

    -A clump of hair/dust in the salsa

    -Music cranked up so loud that the water on the table rippled

    -Empty dance floor, a DJ that came out, stared at us and counted to three in Spanish over and over again in a satanic voice

    -A pretty okay enchilada...

    -When attempting to pay with a credit card, making sure to get a signature because "the f*cking cops have been around"

    -A toothless man wandering around near the cash register with a guitar just laughing and spouting nonsense

    -A friend's report that there was a man most likely getting a blow job in the bathroom.

    Apparently it was used to front a heroin ring. It was raided by swat two days after."

  • A Hefty Tip

    From iRedditAllB4

    "A friend took me to drinks for my birthday. She paid with her credit card. Before we even left the lounge she was getting notifications from her credit card company about suspicious activity. Turns out the waitress was part of a team of scammers that would steal patrons cc info an immediately order things online. This one ordered an $1,800 television from Walmart. Crazy."

  • Orange Surprise

    From HoneyMooh

    "I was on a student trip to Barcelona with my class and two teachers. On the last day of the trip a couple of the girls and the teachers went out for dinner. We found a very small restaurant, that served a three-course meal very cheap. Perfect for young, poor students.

    We were quickly seated in the completely empty restaurant, and ordered our food. About 30-45 minutes passed, when suddenly a scooter came in to the backroom (I had view into the backroom). The scooter was parked, and shortly after a 'ding' was heard. Out came our food - first, an appetizer of broth soup. Then 20-30 minutes more waiting, another scooter trip, more 'dings' and out came the main course: Boiled rice on half the plate, beef stew on the other. Definitely bought and thawed from a grocery store.

    For dessert we had a choice of two things. A fruit plate or lemon pie. Being the cake-aholic that I am, I chose the pie - the rest chose fruit plate. I got a 'slightly burnt' lemon pie, but the fruit plate was a sight to behold. Out came the small, male waiter balancing seven plates each with an orange rolling around on it and a knife for each. And to top it off; the orange was frozen."

  • Goodbye Ruby Tuesday

    From SupaKoopa714

    "I was at a Ruby Tuesday with my dad and sister. Everything was fine at first: we sat down, ordered our food, and all was good. Well, except for the fact our waiter was this weird dude who kept using Internet-speak like 'So much win!' and 'Epic fail!' And he kept coming back to our table constantly just to stand there and talk, which wouldn't have been as much a problem if the guy wasn't so cringey.

    Then an hour passes, and we're sitting there going 'Where's our food?' Suddenly our waiter comes back and goes 'Hey, I forgot to put your orders in. What did you want again?' Now, most people would understandably say 'What the f*ck is wrong with you?', but for some ungodly reason we just rolled with it. Our food eventually came out, and by some miracle we got exactly what we ordered. Still, it was quite a long time before we went to that restaurant again."

  • A Ghost Fish Appearance

    From Georgemanif

    "Not my story, but a friend was telling me of finding a fish skeleton in her salad once in a very famous restaurant in our area. The salad didn't have any fish in it, so she had no idea how the skeleton ended up in there."