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Bad Santa 2 movie quotes bring the laughs to this film sequel following a Santa and his elf who bring themselves Christmas joy by committing robberies. Continuing the story of the 2003 original, the movie was directed by Mark Waters using a screenplay by Shauna Cross and Johnny Rosenthal. Bad Santa 2 opened in theaters in the United States on November 23, 2016.

In Bad Santa 2, Willie (Billy Bob Thornton) is just about at the end of his rope when Thurman Merman (Brett Kelly) interrupts Willie's suicide attempt. Though Thurman is 21 years old now, he continues to follow Willie around thinking Willie is Santa. Both are shocked when Willie's old partner, Marcus (Tony Cox), arrives touting a big heist.

As Marcus explains, the Giving Way charity in Chicago, led by Diane (Christina Hendricks), is sitting on $2 million ripe for stealing. There is one catch, however. There's a new member of their team, one Willie surely isn't a fan of, Willie's mother, Sunny (Kathy Bates).

Bad Santa 2 opened in theaters alongside other fall 2016 films including Moana, Nocturnal Animals, Manchester by the Sea, and Bleed for This.

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Officially a Man

Thurman Merman: I'm 21, officially a man.
Willie: You're 21 already? That's creepy... So you hadn't done it with anybody yet.
Thurman Merman: No
Opal: Come on baby, get a bite of this pumpernickel bread!
Thurman Merman: No!!!

In these Bad Santa 2 movie quotes, Willie tries to get Thurman laid. But what Willie has in mind, a hooker named Opal, isn't appealing to Thurman.

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We've Got a Job, Willie

Marcus: We've got a job, Willie. I'm talking millions, this time. I got an associate who's got this thing all lined up.
Sunny: What's it been, 15 years?
Willie: Mom...
Sunny: Well, you still hit like your daddy.
Willie: Eat me

When Marcus and Willie reunite in these Bad Santa 2 movie quotes, Marcus explains that he has a new heist for them. What he doesn't immediately say is Sunny, Willie's mother, will be joining them this time.

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Is This Your Spawn?

Thurman Merman: One time, I ate too much turkey bacon and I didn't poop for two weeks, for four weeks.
Sunny: Is this your spawn?
Willie: Do I look like I made him?
Sunny: Well if this ain't fetal alcohol syndrome, then what is it?

After Thurman explains his unique experience with turkey bacon, Sunny can't help but wonder if Thurman got his smarts, or lack thereof, from Willie. Though Willie isn't Thurman's father, he is his Santa and that might just be better.

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Rob a Charity?

Willie: I traveled across the country to rob a charity?
Marcus: You got a problem with that?
Willie: You're damn right I got a problem with it. No way these assholes have two million bucks.
Marcus: Will you keep it down, man!

When Willie objects to robbing a charity in these Bad Santa 2 movie quotes, Marcus is stunned. It's not that Willie has a moral objection to it, he doesn't believe a charity has that much money. 

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