24 Taxidermy FAILs That Are Both Funny and Horrifying

When done right, taxidermy is a great way to memorialize an old pet or take pride in your hunting skills. But when done wrong, bad taxidermy can't haunt your dreams. If your idea of fancy decor doesn't involve keeping scary stuffed animals on your mantle, these taxidermy fails definitely won't change your mind. They may make even the most decorated hunter think twice about bringing home their trophy.

If you think you are mentally prepared, take a look at this shrine to the fallen animals who gave their lives only to be made into horrible (but funny) taxidermy. They may have to spend eternity looking surprised or mangled, but at least they'll get their fifteen minutes of fame. Vote up the worst taxidermy photos on the list, and maybe consider just burying your furry pal when he finally calls it quits.