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The Worst Things That Have Ever Happened to Kim Kardashian

Updated September 23, 2021 100.4k views15 items

No matter what you think about Kim Kardashian - whether you believe she’s a talentless nightmare who doesn’t deserve her fame or that she’s a saavy business woman who experiences emotions the same way anyone would in her position - you have to admit that her life doesn't exactly seem easy. When you start tallying up all the things that have happened to Kim Kardashian in her life, you may discover that a lot of them are kind of traumatizing. Not only was Kim Kardashian robbed at gunpoint in Paris in 2016, but she had to live through a violent marriage to her first husband, and have people say awful things about her every chance they get. Let’s take a walk through Kim Kardashian's past mistakes and mishaps and see if we can gain a little sympathy for the reality television star.

If we’re being honest, any Kim Kardashian news is probably bad. No one reports on whether her emojis are selling well or if she had a healthy lunch. All anyone cares about is if she was robbed, fell down a flight of stairs, or dropped her ice cream cone because that’s what sells. Keep reading to find out the latest Kim Kardashian news, along with some blasts from the past that show Mrs. Kanye West in a whole new light.

Read through this list of the worst things that have ever happened to Kim Kardashian, then tweet at her and tell her that you care because she’s had a pretty rough life. 

  • She Was Robbed at Gunpoint

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    While attending fashion week in Paris, Kim Kardashian was robbed of $10 million worth of jewelry by a group of unknown assailants. The news story exploded across the media as people speculated about whether the robbery was an inside job, or if it was a grab for even more popularity. 

  • She Was Locked in a Bathroom

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    The worst part of Kardashian's 2016 robbery was that the star suffered the indignity of being locked in a bathroom while a bunch of goons ransacked her rented mansion. The least they could have done was lock her in the den where there were magazines or toss her an iPod Touch. 

  • She Had Children with Kanye West

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    We're not saying Kanye West is a bad guy, or that they shouldn't have gotten married. But when she had two children with one of the most popular entertainers on earth (who is a legit crazy person), she pretty much signed up for having to deal with his garbage for the rest of her life. Even if they get divorced, she and Kanye are going to have to figure out visitation schedules on private jets for Saint and North West. 

  • Her One Single Was Panned

    Video: YouTube

    Actually, her single, "Jam (Turn It Up)" was called a "dead-brained piece of generic dance music, without a single distinguishing feature." Ouch.