Bad Words Movie Quotes

Bad Words movie quotes provide the raunchy laughs as the film follows one 40-year-old guy who finds a loophole and enters children's spelling bees. Marking the directorial debut for Jason Bateman, the comedy film was written by Andrew Dodge. Bad Words opened in the United States on March 14, 2014.

In Bad Words, Guy Trilby (Bateman), for one reason or another, enters a children's spelling bee hell bent on revenge. See Guy, who never completed the eighth grade, found that the rules do not stipulate any age restriction, rather than contestants must not have completed grade eight. Since no rule can keep him out, he enters and wins a regional bee and earns the right to fly off and attend the Golden Quill.

Along the way, Guy trades vulgar comments with nearly everyone he encounters including a young boy Chaitainya Chopra (Rohan Chand), with whom he makes an odd friendship, young reporter Jenny Widgeon (Kathryn Hahn), who tries her best to figure out why Guy is doing all of this, and spelling bee head Dr. Bernice Deagan (Allison Janney), who urges Guy to leave the kids alone and withdraw. But despite all who are trying to doubt him, Guy pushes on as he attempts to win the Golden Quill to fulfill his dreams.

Bad Words is some much-needed humor in a winter-spring 2014 movie season packed with other serious movies such as the Veronica Mars movie, Need for Speed, Mr. Peabody and Sherman, 300: Rise of an Empire, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Monuments Men, Winter's Tale, RoboCop (2014), About Last Night, Vampire Academy, The Lego Movie, Gimme Shelter, I, Frankenstein, Ride Along, The Wolf of Wall Street, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, Her, American Hustle, 12 Years a Slave, and Frozen.

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    A Girl With Nipples

    A Girl With Nipples
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    Chaitainya Chopra: "I was wondering if you wanted to study together."

    Guy Trilby: "You don't have any real friends. You're kind of a loser. I bet you crush ass though. You make up for it with the women?"
    Chaitainya Chopra: "No"
    Guy Trilby: "No girlfriend for you? You can't find one little chicken tikka to get your shrimp tandoori all up in?"
    Chaitainya Chopra: "Nope, when I do get one, it's going to be a girl with nipples."
    Guy Trilby: "Is that right? Well, lucky for you they all have nipples, pal."
    Chaitainya Chopra: "Every girl does not have nipples, no."
    Guy Trilby: "They do."
    Chaitainya Chopra: "No, they don't."
    Guy Trilby: "Buddy, I promise you, they do."
    Chaitainya Chopra: "They don't."
    Guy Trilby: "All right. I don't know how I missed that."
    Chaitainya Chopra: "You look at their shirts. On some you can see the little nipples poking through the shirts and others nothing."
    Guy Trilby: "Oh, I see. I got it. Buddy, you're in bad shape… Let's go find you some real fun."

    Guy reluctantly hangs out with Chaitainya one night after Chaitainya invites him to study. As the young Chaitainya seems to have some interesting ideas about female anatomy, Guy sees an opportunity to show the kid some real fun. Spoiler: A stripper named Marzipan is involved.
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    What Was Your Winning Word?

    What Was Your Winning Word?
    Video: YouTube

    Chaitainya Chopra: "Hi, I'm Chaitainya Chopra."
    Guy Trilby: "Was that English?"
    Chaitainya Chopra: "My name is Chaitainya."
    Guy Trilby: "Oh, congratulations"
    Chaitainya Chopra: "What's yours?"
    Guy Trilby: "No"
    Chaitainya Chopra: "What's your name?"
    Guy Trilby: "Spin it around."
    Chaitainya Chopra: "I'm going to the Golden Quill."
    Guy Trilby: "Good for you"
    Chaitainya Chopra: "My parents are up in first class."
    Guy Trilby: "Great"
    Chaitainya Chopra: "My dad says that the economy class builds character."
    Guy Trilby: "Amazing"
    Chaitainya Chopra: "I was in last year's tournament. I overheard you saying you're going too. You're the grown up who's competing, huh? I heard about you. What was your winning word?"
    Guy Trilby: "I don't know."
    Chaitainya Chopra: "What was the word you spelled to win your regional, to get here?"
    Guy Trilby: "I don't f***ing remember. Do you see my eyes closed?"
    Chaitainya Chopra: "Mine was intelligencia."
    Guy Trilby: "Awesome"
    Chaitainya Chopra: "Come on, try. How could you forget? It's such a special word."
    Guy Trilby: "It was auto-fellatio, okay?"
    Chaitainya Chopra: "I've never heard of that word."
    Guy Trilby: "Yeah"
    Chaitainya Chopra: "What's its origin?"
    Guy Trilby: "Loneliness… If you don't sit down in that seat, I'm going to tell the captain that your bag is ticking."

    In their first meeting, Guy and Chaitainya chat on the plane, or at least Chaitainya tries to get Guy to talk. He is not interested and makes that perfectly clear to the boy.
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    No, I'm the Winner

    No, I'm the Winner
    Video: YouTube

    Spelling Bee Contestant's Father: "Which kid's yours? Mine's…"
    Guy Trilby: "Buddy, no thank you"
    Spelling Bee Contestant's Father: "What's that?"
    Guy Trilby: "This chat, I'm all set."
    Spelling Bee Contestant's Father: "You must be our host for today."
    Guy Trilby: "No, I'm the winner."

    When a father of a fellow spelling bee contestant tries to chat with Guy, Guy is not having any part of it. Guy isn't there for small talk, or there as the host, he is there to win.
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    Your Chair Called Me for Help

    Your Chair Called Me for Help
    Photo: flickr / CC0

    Spelling Bee Contestant: "What are you doing up on the stage, weirdo?"
    Guy Trilby: "Your chair called me for help. It was like, 'help me. It's so heavy.' You didn't hear it? I heard it."

    One larger male child asks what Guy is doing on stage with the rest of the contestants. Rather than telling the kid that he is there to compete, Guy mocks the kid's weight.
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    Photo: flickr / CC0

    Spelling Bee Moderator: "Absquatulate"
    Guy Trilby: "A-B-S-Q-U-A-T-U-L-A-T-E"
    Spelling Bee Moderator: "That's…"
    Guy Trilby: "Correct" [to spelling bee contestants] "Who's next?"

    Showing that he is cocky, if nothing else, Guy spouts off that his answer was correct after spelling the word absquatulate. He also takes the time to trash talk the other contestants, who are 30 years his junior.
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    The Spelling Bee Is Meant for Kids

    The Spelling Bee Is Meant for Kids
    Video: YouTube

    Irene: "The spelling bee is meant for kids!"
    Guy Trilby: "Rule #24: The speller must not have passed the eighth grade on or before February 1st. As you can see there, I have not passed the eighth grade, not ever."

    Irene takes exception with the fact that Guy wants to participate in the spelling bee, which is intended for children, not 40-year-old men lie Guy. But as Guy points out, he does not breach the rule regarding eligibility as like the kids, he never passed the eighth grade.
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