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Lisa Waugh
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A list of fictional characters who are both blind and badass. These characters from film, TV, and comics aren't defined by their blindness, they're defined by their ability to mop the floor with you using fists, swords, or even their keen intellects. From Daredevil to Toph Beifong, they could all kick almost anybody's ass with their eyes closed.

Whether they're heroes, villains, or somewhere in between, these characters may be blind, but they're far from disabled. They're hyper-capable, and they use their other senses for good or evil. Their lack of sight may drive their benevolence or fuel their drive to conquer, but any way you see it, they make for compelling characters with fascinating stories.  

Who’s the baddest of the bad in the land of sightless fictional characters? Let’s feel our way through it with this list. Vote up your favorite blind badasses below! Be warned, there are SPOILERS afoot!
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Toph Beifong

Blind from birth, Toph is one of the most powerful earthbending masters of her time. Teaming up with other blind, earthbending animals, Toph strengthened her skills, hurling dirt with unparalleled power. Tiny, powerful, and a real threat, Toph is a true badass.

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Either you’re lonely over in the Affleck camp or you swing, fists blazing, towards the Charlie Cox corner. Or you choose neither and go for the original comic version of Matt Murdock. In any incarnation, Murdock is the blind vigilante straight out of Hell’s Kitchen. With fierce boxing skills and a radar sense from the radioactive waste that blinded him, Daredevil is a formidable crime fighter.  Plus, he’s a lawyer! 

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How badass is this nomad wandering the post-apocalyptic wastelands? So badass that you don't even know he's blind for the first 90 minutes of The Book of Eli. Basically, the whole movie is about Denzel Washington just being a badass, and the twist just heightens the badassness.
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This legendary sword master not only runs with sharp objects, he'll cut you up like the backline in a busy kitchen. He’s also a masseur! Back rub, anyone?