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The Most Hardcore Blind Fictional Characters

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A list of fictional characters who are both blind and badass. These characters from film, TV, and comics aren't defined by their blindness, they're defined by their ability to mop the floor with you using fists, swords, or even their keen intellects. From Daredevil to Toph Beifong, they could all kick almost anybody's ass with their eyes closed.

Whether they're heroes, villains, or somewhere in between, these characters may be blind, but they're far from disabled. They're hyper-capable, and they use their other senses for good or evil. Their lack of sight may drive their benevolence or fuel their drive to conquer, but any way you see it, they make for compelling characters with fascinating stories.  

Who’s the baddest of the bad in the land of sightless fictional characters? Let’s feel our way through it with this list. Vote up your favorite blind badasses below! Be warned, there are SPOILERS afoot!
  • Despite being blinded in The Matrix Revolutions, Neo controls the machines, “sees” the programs, and saves humanity. Having his eyeballs burned out barely slowed him down; he just kept bringing the “whoa."
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    Kenshi Takahashi

    This Mortal Kombat character is on a mission to kill the sorcerer who blinded him. A master of Sento and Tai Chi, Kenshi can take on virtually any opponent. He also looks good doing it, turning a totally superfluous blindfold into a fashion statement.

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    Blind Al

    Blind Althea completes Deadpool. Why? It just works. She’s like a mom, a sidekick, and a pain the ass all in one. But the main thing about her is that she knows how to throw some serious barbs, using her acidic wit to mock anything and everything. Creator Joe Kelly has said that Blind Al was the original Black Widow. That's not canon, but we believe it.
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  • A blind Arya stark is not necessarily a disadvantaged killer. With her skill and body count, she’ll do just fine, with or without sight. Serial killing is a contact sport and it's not like she ever needed to actually write down her "people to kill" list.
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