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13 Unstoppable Darth Vader Moments You Had No Clue About

It's no secret that Darth Vader is one of the most terrifying and powerful villains in all of cinema. But many of the most badass Darth Vader moments are actually nowhere to be found onscreen. Over the years, Star Wars lore has been built up in a massive amount of books, comics, and video games that feature everyone's favorite Dark Lord of the Sith. Even though the Expanded Universe has been abolished in favor of a new cannon, that doesn't mean there aren't tons of great Vader moments in both continuities to enjoy.

Ever wonder how Vader treated his officers? Or how he hunted the Jedi Knights to extinction in between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope? What about his starfighter exploits as a Sith Lord? Well, there will be plenty of answers listed. Now, check out the list if you want some vintage Vader you never knew about!

  • He Made an Entire Species His Servants

    He Made an Entire Species His Servants
    Photo: Lucasarts

    In the Expanded Universe, Darth Vader discovers a warrior race called the Noghri. Vader is so impressed by their combat capabilities he accepts their servitude in exchange for cleaning up their poisoned planet. But, of course, Vader ordered that their planet be poisoned further in exchange for their continued servitude.   

  • Betraying His Apprentice Twice

    Betraying His Apprentice Twice
    Video: YouTube

    Unbeknownst to the Emperor, Vader was training his own apprentice named Starkiller. Of course, the Emperor found out, so Vader pretended to kill him (without warning Starkiller first). Vader said he wouldn't interfere with Starkiller while he gathered the Emperor's enemies, but once he did, Vader came calling and tried to kill Starkiller again. Poor guy. 

  • Owning Prince Xizor

    The head of the extremely powerful crime organization Black Sun, Prince Xizor, had a bone to pick with Darth Vader. Not only did Xizor want revenge for one of Vader's orders resulting in the death of his family, he also wanted the favor of the Emperor. So, when Xizor discovers Luke is Vader's son, he puts a death mark on his head.

    In retaliation, once he gets the opportunity, Vader blows up Xizor's space station above Coruscant with Xizor inside. 

  • Mocking Palpatine’s Attempts to Assassinate Him

    Mocking Palpatine’s Attempts to Assassinate Him
    Photo: Lucasfilm

    In Marvel's Darth Vader series, we get to see Vader's day-to-day dealings in the Empire. We also see Vader taking a lot of guff from Imperial brass, including his master. So, when Vader discovers the Emperor put him in a situation he's not expected to survive, Vader owns it and tells the Emperor to just try harder next time.