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15 Tales of Supremely Fearless and Totally Bizarre Houdini Exploits

Decades after Harry Houdini's death, magic fans and plebs alike are fascinated by the life of one of the world's great entertainers. Born Erik Weisz in Hungary, Houdini made a career out of doing weird sh*t and getting paid for it (before people knew that was a thing you could do). Madman Harry Houdini buried himself multiple times, even though he almost killed himself on his first attempt, and was the first person to fly over Australian soil (as the pilot, not a passenger). There are hella crazy Houdini stories in this buckwild world of ours; some revolve around weird concepts for illusions, others involve him pissing his friends off. He’s definitely not Tom Hanks.

Some of the most awesome Houdini facts center on his search for truth in everything he did. Harry "Badass" Houdini was not a guy to half-ass things. If he was going to chase down so-called mystics and expose them as frauds, he canceled shows, wrangeld a panel of scientists, and debunked you with fury. There are so many tales of badass Houdini exploits, you should just read them for yourselves. Keep in mind, Houdini was a tough cookie - you shouldn’t try any of his feats of endurance or pissy note writing.