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Candice Darden
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List Rules Your favorite badass Jessica Jones moments.

Jessica Jones is everyone's new favorite superhero, thanks to her show on Netflix, and there's no surprise as to why. The series is chock full of totally badass moments, and Jones herself is totally awesome. There are tons of other characters in the series, too, who deserve to be recognized for their ass-kicking abilities.
Jessica Jones consistently delivers stunning, well-executed fight scenes, and excels in witty dialogue. The awesome Jessica Jones gifs below will help you re-live all your favorite moments from the show, such as watching Jessica exert her super-strength, or cheering when Trish puts Simpson in his place. Vote up the most badass moments in Jessica Jones below and share your own favorite moments from the series in the comments section.
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When Jessica Throws a Man Through Her Front Door in the Opening Scene

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After learning about his wife's infidelity, one of Jones's clients tries to get violent with her. In response, she simply picks him up and throws him through the window of her private practice.
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When Jessica Stops a Moving Car

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"Stopping him in his tracks" takes on a whole new meaning.
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When Luke Cage Walks Out of a Burning Building and He's Still Standing

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If you didn't think he had superhero potential before, you definitely will after this scene. 
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When Jessica Tells Us How She Really Feels About Skimpy Superhero Outfits

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