Badass Moments From The Comics That Show Thanos Is Stronger Than The Hulk

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Thanos may be one of the most horrifying and omnipotent villains in the Marvel Universe, but he is also kind of a badass. The Eternal has done everything from destroying the universe with a snap of his fingers to making the Hulk his personal lap dog. 

The Hulk and Thanos face off on numerous occasions, and it usually ends poorly for the Angriest Avenger. But Thanos has proven his might in a much more colorful variety of ways than simply laying the smackdown on Bruce Banner. There are a ton of badass Thanos moments that often overlap with disturbing Thanos moments, and Thanos Wins has really doubled down on that business.

Since the Mad Titan is such a brutal being, the best Thanos moments in Marvel comics are sadly often also the most devastating. To be fair, though, he has played the (reluctant) hero every now and then. So, behold the moments that prove Thanos is stronger than Hulk.

Be warned, there are spoilers ahead, especially a major one for 2018's Thanos #17.

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    Thanos Shrugs Off Black Bolt's Blast At Point Blank Range

    The 2013 miniseries Infinity was brutal. Thanos straight up ruins fools on his path to his son, but perhaps none more viciously than Black Bolt. The King of Attlian faces the Mad Titan in one-on-one combat and doesn't last long.

    Though Black Bolt's voice can (and has) destroyed planets, it can do nothing to Thanos. Thanos picks up Black Bolt and questions him on his son's whereabouts. Black Bolt unleashes a powerful scream right in Thanos's face... and it does nothing (except kind of ruin Thanos's clothes). Thanos proceeds to slam Black Bolt's head into the ground until he lies lifeless. Hulk's massive bones would easily be shattered by Black Bolt's screech. 

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    King Thanos Keeps The Hulk As A Pet Dog

    In Thanos #15, we see the Mad Titan millennia in the future after he's become the King of the Universe. If there's any question about his dominance over the Hulk, that question is answered by his subjugation of the Angry Avenger.

    Granted, it's thousands of years in the future, and both are old with big gray beards, but Thanos has Hulk on a leash and feeds him Captain America - you can safely say he's proven himself greater and more terrible than Bruce Banner.

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    Thanos Defeats The Cosmic Entities

    The most impressive feat in the Infinity Gauntlet story arc is not Thanos's triumph over the Avengers, as he's able to thwart Earth's Mightiest Heroes with ease after collecting the Infinity Stones.

    What's more impressive is his systematic defeat of the cosmic entities. One by one, he knocks off Chronos, Master Order, Lord Chaos, Galactus, Stranger, Epoch, Mistress Love, and Master Hate. It all culminates with his showdown against Eternity - the very embodiment of reality - whom he also defeats, essentially taking the omnipotent being's place. 

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    Thanos Kills Bruce Banner And A Mjolnir-Wielding Silver Surfer

    In the 2018 Thanos series, the Mad Titan is sent into the future to meet his older self, ruler of the cosmos. The arc is called Thanos Wins, and it's aptly named.

    After defeating virtually all the universe's heroes, Thanos sits on his throne of bones, with Hulk leashed at his side as an attack dog. In Thanos #17, Silver Surfer comes to put an end to this. Not only does the Surfer manage to calm Hulk enough to return Bruce Banner, but he's wielding Mjolnir, so his proclamation that he's going to put an end to Thanos seems at least feasible.

    Unfortunately, there are two Thanos, and as the Surfer is distracted by the younger, the old King Thanos sneaks up behind and blasts a hole through both Bruce Banner and the Surfer, killing them.

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    Thanos Beats The Silver Surfer To Death

    If the Silver Surfer can kick the Hulk's ass (which he does on numerous occasions), then by the transitive property, anyone who can defeat him can do the same to grumpy Bruce Banner.

    Enter Thanos. The two actually meet on numerous occasions, and Thanos bests the Silver Surfer each time. But their most memorable is in Cosmic Powers Unlimited #1. When the Surfer comes to Thanos, telling him he's been named Death's consort, Thanos is not too pleased. Considering he's in love with Lady Death, it wasn't wise of the Surfer to share this bit of info with him. Thanos succinctly beats the Silver Surfer to death, and carries his lifeless body to Death as a slap in her face. Child's play.

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    Thanos Stops Thor's Hammer Cold

    Hulk tries (and fails) to pick up Mjolnir, and he also gets smashed in the face with Thor's mighty hammer and is sent flying. Well, what happens when the God of Thunder unleashes his hammer on Thanos? Not much.

    Odinson faces off against the Mad Titan in a few issues of Thor's late '90s run, and one comic depicts just how powerful Thanos is. Thor talks a tough game and throws Mjolnir at Thanos who just says, "Yeah, nope," stopping the cosmic hammer dead in its tracks. 

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