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23 Times X-23 Was an Even More Savage Wolverine Than Logan

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Who is X-23? If you've been reading the comics, you know she's the titular character in All-New Wolverine. What happened to the old Wolverine? Well, he's dead. Yes, it's sad, but the new one is pretty damn capable. She's Logan's clone, minus the unavailable Y chromosome, manufactured in the labs of the nefarious Facility to continue the Weapon X program.

Unfortunately for the Facility, X-23, a.k.a. Laura Kinney, broke free of her shackles, went on a rampage, and took over the mantle of the Wolverine. But is she truly worthy of the title? Well, that's for you to decide. 

So read on to discover bad*ss X-23 moments from Marvel Comics. Find out just who Laura Kinney is and how she stacks up against her predecessor. And then vote up the moments you think might make her the Wolverine we all deserve.

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    When She Eliminated a Predator as a Child

    After her niece, Megan, was kidnapped by a serial rapist/murderer of children, Sarah Kinney (X-23's geneticist creator and surrogate mother) took a very young Laura on an unauthorized mission to rescue her "cousin." X-23 tracked down the perp and baited him by pretending to be a girl scout. He subsequently died in an automobile collision. He collided with the roof of a car after she threw him through a fourth-story window.

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    When She Took Down the Man Responsible for All Her Misery

    By the time she escaped from the Weapon X project, the man in charge, Zander Rice, had tortured her physically and mentally and made her kill her beloved sensei, a cute little puppy, and a large number of innocents. Oh, and he made her kill her own mother as well. Zander Rice had to pay. She didn't bother with her claws, instead choosing to just beat him with her bare fists. Then she left him to deal with the ensuing explosion of the facility. By comparison, it took Logan decades to take his revenge on his Weapon X tormentors.

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    When She Endured Torture as a Child

    Zander Rice was the head of the Weapon X project that spawned X-23. He blamed her personally (as Wolverine's clone) for the death of his father, who was killed by Logan when he escaped the original Weapon X facility. As such, he was even crueler. toward Laura than everyone else, and it's not like his interpersonal communication skills were top notch to begin with. At the peak of his sadism, while she was still a child, he subjected Laura to intensely painful radiation to draw out her mutant powers.

    He then pulled her claws out of her body, sans anesthesia, to coat them with adamantium before re-inserting them. Laura endured all of this and a whole lot more as a little girl. Logan was already a man when he was put through this sort of ordeal.

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    When She Literally Dove Into Fin Fang Foom to Rescue Old Man Logan

    The Godzilla of the Marvel Universe decided an aged Logan steak would make a fine meal, leaving the old man hanging in the dragon's intestinal tract, his legs eaten through by stomach acid. So Laura went all Daenerys Targaryen on FFF and faced the dragon without fear. She dove into his maw and pulled Logan from the fire, so to speak.

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