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23 Times X-23 Was an Even More Savage Wolverine Than Logan

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Who is X-23? If you've been reading the comics, you know she's the titular character in All-New Wolverine. What happened to the old Wolverine? Well, he's dead. Yes, it's sad, but the new one is pretty damn capable. She's Logan's clone, minus the unavailable Y chromosome, manufactured in the labs of the nefarious Facility to continue the Weapon X program.

Unfortunately for the Facility, X-23, a.k.a. Laura Kinney, broke free of her shackles, went on a rampage, and took over the mantle of the Wolverine. But is she truly worthy of the title? Well, that's for you to decide. 

So read on to discover bad*ss X-23 moments from Marvel Comics. Find out just who Laura Kinney is and how she stacks up against her predecessor. And then vote up the moments you think might make her the Wolverine we all deserve.

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    When She Blew Up a Weapon X Facility Without Bothering to Leave First

    She's actually done this more than once if you can believe it, but it was most awesome when it was with Daken and they both got blown to hell. Of course, they crawled away as hairless, burnt husks and quickly regenerated. In "coolness" terms, this definitely trumps slowly walking away from an explosion without turning back to look.

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    When She Cut Off Her Own Hand to Save Her Cousin

    While living with her aunt and cousin, X-23's former handler, Kimura (who is incapable of being hurt by pretty much anything, and yet no one is trying to clone her), released the trigger scent that makes Laura fly into an uncontrollable rage, hoping she'd lay waste to her whole family. Luckily, she only took out her aunt's boyfriend, who was a Facility spy anyway. But Kimura handcuffed herself to Laura, and was about to off her cousin in front of her, when X-23 sliced her own hand off, shackled Kimura to a pipe, and blew up the whole house with Kimura in it.

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    When She Played Possum For a Chainsaw-Wielding Lunatic

    After being betrayed by Daken, Laura was captured by Weapon X nutballs, who decide to take a chainsaw to her for scientific purposes. Daken, thankfully, thought better of his plan and freed her from her shackles. X-23 then took out the good doctors, but not before waiting for the right moment - after getting a deep tissue massage from the chainsaw.

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    When She Literally Dove Into Fin Fang Foom to Rescue Old Man Logan

    The Godzilla of the Marvel Universe decided an aged Logan steak would make a fine meal, leaving the old man hanging in the dragon's intestinal tract, his legs eaten through by stomach acid. So Laura went all Daenerys Targaryen on FFF and faced the dragon without fear. She dove into his maw and pulled Logan from the fire, so to speak.

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