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The 25 Most Baffling Anime Hairstyles That Completely Defy Gravity

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Sure, we all love anime for its fantastic animation and high-quality story capabilities, but let's be honest. As we watch, we can't help but laugh at all that ridiculous anime hair. A story you're completely invested in can come grinding to a halt because a new character shows up with drills on the sides of her head. You get distracted wondering how in the heck they do that every morning. Check out the list below for the worst anime hairstyles ever drawn, and vote up the one you think is the most ridiculous... or perhaps would want yourself. 

  • Kenpachi Zaraki
    Photo: Adult Swim

    Where You've Seen It: Bleach

    How You Could Achieve This Look IRL: Start listening to old My Chemical Romance CD's and buying clothes solely from Hot Topic. The hair will form itself. 

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    Grévil de Blois

    Where You've Seen It: Gosick

    How You Could Achieve This Look IRL: Dip the tips of your hair in catnip, then place a furry feline on your head. The rest of your hair will flatten out under its weight, while the cat will be busy licking the front of your hair up into a straight point. 

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    Rikuo Nura

    Rikuo Nura
    Photo: Viz Media

    Where You've Seen It: Nurarihyon no Mago

    How You Could Achieve This Look IRL: Sneak onto the tarmac of an airport and stand near one of the jet turbines as it takes off to permanently freeze your hair in this style. 

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    Seseri Chono

    Where You've Seen It: Wizard Barristers 

    How You Could Achieve This Look IRL: Make your hair start working out at the gym every single day so it has the instinct to flex every time somebody walks by. 

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