This Artist Paints Classical Style Portraits Of Your Favorite Fictional Characters

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Warning: some of this art contains Avengers: Endgame spoilers

Denver Balbaboco is a portraiture artist located in the Philippines. His proficiency in digital artistry and knowledge of popular culture prompted him to create a portfolio of classic paintings of your favorite fictional characters. From Marvel heroes to Games of Thrones nobility, Balbaboco transports the best of pop culture characters into an era when portrait paintings captured the essence of high society. 

While Balbaboco's art is just as interesting as realistic cartoons or Games of Thrones characters as 1930s gangsters, he takes it one step further by using vibrant colors and digital effects to liken the tragedy of the Phantom of the Opera to the end of the MCU's first Avengers series. For more of Balbaboco's work you can visit his personal website to request commissions or follow him on Instagram @denvertakespics.