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20 Celebrities Rocking the Bald Look

List RulesFamous people who went bald, either due to natural hair loss or as a style choice.

Celebs always want to look their best. But what happens when those full, glorious, heads of hair start succumbing to male pattern baldness and hair loss? Some turn to toupees and hair-plugs, some embrace what they have, and some decide to turn to the shaving razor. No matter why they've gone for the no hair look, bald celebrities are rocking the look and the pictures here prove it!

Bruce Willis, Patrick Stewart, and Stanley Tucci make bald beautiful. But some celebs don't always feel the same way about their receding hairlines. Sometimes it takes them a couple years to come around to embracing their fuzz-free heads. Patrick Stewart wore a toupee to auditions for years and Andre Agassi wore one, too! Yup, his giant signature '80s hair was actually a hairpiece. That makes his game-play even that much more impressive.

Many other famous icons look better bald. For example, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Vin Diesel, and Jason Statham are all way better looking now that they've embraced a clean-shaven head. While some of these actors have taken the Bic Razor Plunge, others still seem to cling to what's left of their once flowing locks. Here's looking at you, halo-headed Ron Howard and Dr. Phil. 

So before you reach for a hat a comb, check out this list of bald celebrities. They might just make you consider reaching for a razor instead.