What Ever Happened To Bam Margera?  

Jacob Shelton
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What's Bam Margera currently doing? It seems like he disappeared overnight. But Bam Margera's career has never really been expected or conventional. The skateboarder first rose to fame in the CKY videos, where his skateboard stunts and goofy humor won him plenty of fans. From there, it was straight to MTV's Jackass, and eventually, his own string of reality TV shows. But that charmed existence couldn't last. Since the height of his popularity in the mid-2000s, the skateboarder has fallen on some hard times. Bam Margera now struggles with alcoholism, and has lost close family and friends.

What Bam will do next is anyone's guess. If his appearance on yet another reality TV show gives any clues about Bam Margera, rehab is definitely a possibility. His cycle of alcohol abuse might be broken by intensive therapy, whether on camera or off. Or, maybe the skater will backslide straight into personal struggles. So, what’s Bam Margera up to? Is he okay? Has he found all of Tony Hawk’s secret videotapes? Keep reading to find out. 

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He Started Rapping In A Metal Band

Nashville guitar shoppin with bones owens for his norway shows with yelawolf

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Bam has been making music off and on throughout his career, and even directed a number of music videos. He also released a record with his metal band, F*ckface Unstoppable, in 2014.

He Got A Hernia From A Kayaking Accident

Boat ride due to @rubbish__heap �� @mediagiraffes

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In 2012, Margera took a spill after he went over a 100-foot cliff in Oregon with pro kayaker Steve Fisher. The force of Margera's crash into the water was so powerful that he was ejected from the kayak and suffered a hernia.

He Turned To Alcohol To Ease The Pain After Ryan Dunn's Death

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Throughout Jackass's run on MTV and movie theaters, Ryan Dunn and Bam Margera were closer than close. When Dunn died in 2011 while speeding with twice the legal blood alcohol concentration, everyone was shocked. But the person his death affected the most was Bam. On VH1's Family Therapy, Bam said that Dunn's was death the end of drinking for fun and the beginning of drinking the pain away. "That's when it wasn't even drinking for the fun or for the social part of it. It was just drinking because [of] total depression, kinda." 

He Spent The Night In A Finnish Drunk Tank

In 2016, Bam and his wife were staying in Finland. Things got heated after dinner out, and the couple got into an argument. The cops were called, and Margera was forced to sleep it off in Helsinki.