Cool Name Ideas You Should Steal for Your New Band

Have you been racking your brain for cool band name ideas? Check out this band names list for some inspiration! We've compiled dozens of awesome and untaken band names that are free for the taking. Just be sure to throw this list a shout out when you land yourself a gig on Jimmy Kimmel, thanks to these good band names.

One thing every band needs is a cool band name. Do you think music band names like The Moldy Peaches, and The Doobie Brothers were delivered to the band on a silver platter? Probably not! Proper band name brainstorming requires many grueling hours of passing joints around in dimly lit hippie dens. 

There are a few key things to consider when coming up with band name ideas. First you should decide the tone you're trying to set... are you going for a weird band name or a funny band name? Or do you want your band's name to send a political, religious, or social message? Creating a band name is totally critical to how people view the band members and the music. You should also consider naming your band something genre-appropriate.

This list is going to make you laugh and it'll probably inspire you to start creating your own silly band names. Have some sweet unused band names in your own arsenal? Add them to the list! And vote up the ones you like the most. To the best of our knowledge, the names listed are all band names not taken. So bust out the drum set, scrawl down some lyrics, and pick one of the best band names on this list to define your band's destiny.

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    1,194 votes

    Dark White

  • 2
    803 votes

    Above Average

  • 3
    166 votes

    Let's Go By Train (LGBT)

  • 4
    144 votes

    Jackberry Blam

  • 5
    441 votes

    Chemical Cosmos

  • 6
    644 votes

    Tears for Tears