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List of EMI artists, listed alphabetically with photos when available. This EMI roster includes both past and present artists. Popular EMI bands and artists are all listed here with information such as what genre the bands fall under and what albums they're known for. If you're looking for any of these EMI band's full discographies then click on their name and you can find them here on Ranker. The artists and bands on this list might be pop, rap, rock, electronic or any other genre, but what they all have in common is that they were signed by EMI.

Everything from Tina Turner to Jessica Simpson is included on this list.

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2 in a Room is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
2 in a Room Hip hop music, Electronic music, House music 2 in a Room was an American hip hop, freestyle and hip house duo. The group, active between 1989 and 1995, consisted of rapper Rafael "Dose" Vargas and producer/remixer Roger "Rog

22-20s is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
22-20s Blues-rock, Rock music 22-20s were an English blues rock band formed in Sleaford, Lincolnshire. The band originally disbanded in December 2005 but reformed in 2008 and released Shake/Shiver/Moan in 2010 and Got It If ...more

23 Skidoo is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
23 Skidoo Industrial music, Experimental music, Funk 23 Skidoo are a British band playing a fusion of industrial, post-punk, alternative dance, rock, and world music. The group was named after an early 20th-century American slang phrase that later ...more

30 Seconds to Mars is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
30 Seconds to Mars Neo-progressive rock, Rock music, Space rock Thirty Seconds to Mars is an American rock band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1998. The band consists of Jared Leto, Shannon Leto and Tomo Miličević. The band's debut album, 30 Seconds ...more

911 is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
911 Pop music, Boy band 911 are an Scottish pop group consisting of Lee Brennan, Jimmy Constable and Simon "Spike" Dawbarn. They were formed in 1992 and released their debut single "Night to ...more

A Fine Frenzy is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
A Fine Frenzy Adult album alternative, Pop music, Rock music A Fine Frenzy, the musical stage name of Alison Sudol, is an American alternative singer-songwriter, pianist. Her debut album, One Cell in the Sea, was released in 2007, followed in 2009 by Bomb ...more

A Perfect Circle is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
A Perfect Circle Rock music, Experimental rock, Neo-psychedelia A Perfect Circle is an American rock supergroup formed in 1999 by guitarist Billy Howerdel and Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan. The original incarnation of the band also included Paz ...more

A Taste of Honey is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
A Taste of Honey Adult contemporary music, Disco, Pop music A Taste of Honey was the name of an American recording act, formed in 1971 by associates Janice-Marie Johnson and Perry Kibble. In 1978, they had one of the best known chart-toppers of the disco ...more

A-Mei is listed (or ranked) 9 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
A-Mei A-mei or A-Mei, stylized as a MEI since 2014, is the stage name of the aboriginal Taiwanese pop singer and songwriter Chang Hui-mei. Born as Amit Kulilay in the rugged mountains of eastern ...more

A.S.A.P. is listed (or ranked) 10 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
A.S.A.P. Progressive rock, Hard rock ASAP was a band created by guitarist and vocalist Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden fame. ASAP released an album in 1989 entitled Silver and Gold. A.S.A.P. stands for "Adrian Smith and ...more

ABC is listed (or ranked) 11 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
ABC Synthpop, New Wave, Disco ABC are an English new wave group that first came to prominence in the early 1980s. Their 1982 debut album, The Lexicon of Love, was a UK number one and they achieved ten UK and five US Top 40 ...more

Abel Talamantez is listed (or ranked) 12 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Abel Talamantez Pop music, Latin pop, Cumbia Abel Talamántez Mendoza, is a Mexican American singer. He is currently a singer for the band Cruz Martínez Y Los Super Reyes. He was also a former member of the bands Menudo, MDO, ...more

Abraham Mateo is listed (or ranked) 13 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Abraham Mateo Pop music, Latin pop Abraham Mateo Chamorro is a Spanish pop singer, songwriter and actor, who is currently signed to the record label Sony Music Spain. He received the Revelation Award at Spain's National Music ...more

A.B. Quintanilla is listed (or ranked) 14 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
A.B. Quintanilla Hip hop music, Pop music, Latin pop Abraham Isaac Quintanilla III, better known as A.B. Quintanilla III or A.B. Quintanilla, is an American record producer, songwriter, and musician. He is the older brother of "The Queen of ...more

Absolom is listed (or ranked) 15 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Absolom Electronic music, Eurodance Absolom was a Belgian dance project produced by Christophe Chantzis and DJ Jimmy Goldschmitz. The group was popular in Europe by the end of the 1990s. For remixer and main-producer Chantzis the ...more

AC/DC is listed (or ranked) 16 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
AC/DC Blues-rock, Boogie rock, Rock music AC/DC are an Australian hard rock band, formed in November 1973 by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, who continued as members until Malcolm's illness and departure in 2014. Commonly referred to ...more

Academy of St. Martin in the F... is listed (or ranked) 17 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Academy of St. Martin in the Fields Classical music The Academy of St Martin in the Fields is an English chamber orchestra, based in London. John Churchill and Sir Neville Marriner founded the orchestra as The Academy of St.-Martin-in-the-Fields ...more

Ace of Base is listed (or ranked) 18 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Ace of Base Adult contemporary music, Dancehall, Pop music Ace of Base is a Swedish pop group, originally consisting of Ulf "Buddha" Ekberg and three siblings, Jonas "Joker" Berggren, Malin "Linn" Berggren and Jenny ...more

Acker Bilk is listed (or ranked) 19 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Acker Bilk Pop music, Trad jazz, Easy listening Bernard Stanley "Acker" Bilk, MBE was an English clarinettist and vocalist known for his appearance – goatee, bowler hat and striped waistcoat – and breathy, vibrato-rich, ...more

Adam Taubitz is listed (or ranked) 20 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Adam Taubitz Classical music, Jazz Adam Taubitz is a German jazz and classic musician, violinist, trumpeter, guitarist bandleader, and composer. From 1997 he was Principal 2nd Violinist in the Berlin Philharmonic under Claudio ...more

Adeva is listed (or ranked) 21 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Adeva House music, Contemporary R&B, Garage house Adeva is an American singer. She had a string of successful house-music and contemporary R&B hits in the late 1980s to early 1990s, including "Warning", "I Thank You" and

Adge Cutler is listed (or ranked) 22 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Adge Cutler Scrumpy and Western, Country Alan John 'Adge' Cutler was an English singer best known as the frontman of the comic folk band the Wurzels. Cutler was known for his songs, but also his dry, West Country humour, and gained the ...more

Adiemus is listed (or ranked) 23 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Adiemus New Age music Adiemus is a series of vocalise-style albums by Welsh composer Karl Jenkins. It is also the title of the opening track called "Adiemus" on the first album in the series, Songs of

Adrian Gurvitz is listed (or ranked) 24 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Adrian Gurvitz Blues-rock, Pop rock, Soft rock Adrian Gurvitz is an English singer, songwriter, musician and record producer. His prolific songwriting ability has gained him hits on the Grammy Award-winning soundtrack The Bodyguard, Eddie ...more

Adrian Smith is listed (or ranked) 25 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Adrian Smith Heavy metal, Progressive rock, Hard rock Adrian Frederick "H" Smith is an English guitarist, best known as a member of Iron Maiden, for whom he writes songs and performs live backing vocals on some tracks. Smith grew up in ...more

Afrika Bambaataa is listed (or ranked) 26 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Afrika Bambaataa Hip hop music, Disco, Electro Kevin Donovan, better known by the stage name Afrika Bambaataa, is an American DJ from the South Bronx, New York. He is notable for releasing a series of genre-defining electro tracks in the ...more

After 7 is listed (or ranked) 27 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
After 7 Pop music, Contemporary R&B, New jack swing After 7 is a R&B group founded in 1987 by brothers Melvin and Kevon Edmonds, and Keith Mitchell. The Edmonds brothers are the siblings of popular pop and R&B singer-songwriter-producer ...more

Agustin Anievas is listed (or ranked) 28 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Agustin Anievas Classical music Agustin Anievas is an American pianist, specializing in the works of Frédéric Chopin, Franz Liszt and Sergei Rachmaninoff. Anievas made his world professional debut in 1944, the ...more

Ahmad is listed (or ranked) 29 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Ahmad Hip hop music, Christian hip hop, West Coast hip hop Ahmad Ali Lewis, simply known as Ahmad, is an American hip hop recording artist, songwriter, motivational speaker and author from Los Angeles, California. He is perhaps best known for the 1994 ...more

Ahmad Zahir is listed (or ranked) 30 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Ahmad Zahir Arabesque, Pop music, Rock music Ahmad Zahir was a singer, songwriter, and composer from Afghanistan. Among his fans, he is considered an icon of Afghan music and is sometimes called the "King of Afghan music". His ...more

Ahmed and Mohammed Hussain is listed (or ranked) 31 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Ahmed and Mohammed Hussain Ghazal, Folk music, Classical music Ahmed Hussain and Mohammed Hussain are ghazal singers from Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan state in India. Ahmed and Mohammed Hussain are two brothers who sing classical ghazals. Born in Rajastan ...more

Air is listed (or ranked) 32 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Air Downtempo, New Wave, Pop music Air is a music duo from Versailles, France, consisting of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel. Air's debut EP, Premiers Symptômes, was followed by the critically acclaimed album ...more

Air Supply is listed (or ranked) 33 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Air Supply Adult contemporary music, Pop music, Pop rock Air Supply is an Australian soft rock duo, consisting of British-born singer-songwriter and guitarist Graham Russell and lead vocalist Russell Hitchcock. They had a succession of hits worldwide, ...more

Air Traffic is listed (or ranked) 34 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Air Traffic Alternative rock, Indie rock Air Traffic were an English alternative rock band from Bournemouth. Formed in 2003, the band consisted of Chris Wall, David Ryan Jordan, Tom Pritchard and Jim Maddock. The band's name originated ...more

Airbourne is listed (or ranked) 35 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Airbourne Pub rock, Rock music, Heavy metal Airbourne are an Australian hard rock band formed in Warrnambool in 2003. Mainstay members are Joel O'Keeffe on lead vocals and lead guitar, his brother, Ryan O'Keeffe on drums, and David Roads ...more

Ala dos Namorados is listed (or ranked) 36 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Ala dos Namorados Pop rock Ala dos Namorados is a Portuguese band created in 1993. It's duet " Solta-se o Beijo" with Sara Tavares reached platinum.

Alain Whyte is listed (or ranked) 37 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Alain Whyte Pop music, Rock music, Rockabilly Alain Gordon Whyte is an English guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He is most known for being Morrissey's main songwriting partner since 1991 and his lead guitarist from 1991–2004. He had ...more

Alan Hawkshaw is listed (or ranked) 38 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Alan Hawkshaw Pop music, Rock and roll Alan Hawkshaw is a British composer and performer, particularly of themes for movies and television programmes. Hawkshaw worked extensively for the KPM production music company in the 1960s and ...more

Alan Murphy is listed (or ranked) 39 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Alan Murphy Fusion, Rock music Alan Murphy was an English rock session guitarist, best remembered for his collaborations with Kate Bush and Go West. In 1988 he joined the group Level 42 as a full-time band member, and played ...more

Alanïa is listed (or ranked) 40 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Alanïa Electronic music, Ambient music Alanïa is a former Norwegian electronic music group from Tromsø, composed of Torbjørn Brundtland and Svein Berge of Röyksopp, Rune Lindbæk and Gaute Barlindhaug.

Alaska y Dinarama is listed (or ranked) 41 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Alaska y Dinarama Acid house, Disco, Pop music Alaska y Dinarama was a Spanish electro-pop band formed by Olvido Gara, Ignacio "Nacho" Canut Guillen and Carlos Garcia Berlanga de Manrique in 1982. The group was popular and ...more

Alban Berg Quartet is listed (or ranked) 42 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Alban Berg Quartet Classical music The Alban Berg Quartett was a string quartet founded in Vienna, Austria in 1970, named after Alban Berg. It was widely considered the most famous string quartet in the world.

Alcatrazz is listed (or ranked) 43 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Alcatrazz Glam metal, Rock music, Heavy metal Alcatrazz is an American heavy metal band formed in 1983 by Graham Bonnet, Jimmy Waldo and Gary Shea. They are best known for their song "God Blessed Video".

Aleks Syntek is listed (or ranked) 44 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Aleks Syntek Pop music Raúl Alejandro Escajadillo Peña, better known as Aleks Syntek, is a singer, songwriter and Mexican producer. He is married to Karen Coronado, sister of talkshow host Ingrid ...more

Aleksandra Kovač is listed (or ranked) 45 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Aleksandra Kovač Pop music, Dance music, Rhythm and blues Aleksandra Kovač is a Serbian singer-songwriter. She is the eldest daughter of eminent composer Kornelije Kovač and the elder sister of singer Kristina Kovač. Alongside her sister Kristina, ...more

Alex Cartañá is listed (or ranked) 46 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Alex Cartañá Pop music, Trip hop, World music Alex Cartañá is a Spanish/British singer-songwriter and actress. Cartañá first came to fame in 2003 as the featured artist and co-writer of the hit dance record ...more

Alex Cornish is listed (or ranked) 47 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Alex Cornish Alternative rock, Indie rock Alex Cornish is a Scottish Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter. He was educated at The Harvey Grammar School, Folkestone. His début album, Until the Traffic Stops, was released in 2008 on ...more

Alfonso Herrera is listed (or ranked) 48 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Alfonso Herrera Pop music, Latin American music Alfonso "Poncho" Herrera is a Mexican actor and former member of music group RBD.

Alice is listed (or ranked) 49 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Alice Pop music, Traditional music, Rock music Alice, also known as Alice Visconti is an Italian singer-songwriter and pianist, active since 1971. Alice had her breakthrough after winning the Sanremo Music Festival with the song "Per ...more

Alina Devecerski is listed (or ranked) 50 on the list EMI Complete Artist Roster
Alina Devecerski Pop music Alina Natalie Devecerski, is a Swedish singer from Sundbyberg, in Stockholm County, Sweden. She is managed by Anders Johansson and signed to EMI Sweden. At age 19 she started singing in a girl ...more