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Island Records Complete Artist Roster

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List of Island Records artists, listed alphabetically with photos when available. This Island Records roster includes both past and present artists. Popular Island Records bands and artists are all listed here with information such as what genre the bands fall under and what albums they're known for. If you're looking for any of these Island Records band's full discographies then click on their name and you can find them here on Ranker. The artists and bands on this list might be pop, rap, rock, electronic or any other genre, but what they all have in common is that they were signed by Island Records.

This list contains artists like Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez.

This page can help answer questions like, "Who are the best Island Records bands?" and "Which artists are signed by Island Records?"

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  • Ace Hood1

    Ace Hood

    Hip hop music, Rap music

    AlbumsGutta, Ace Won't Fold, Trials & Tribulations, Ruthless, Blood

    Antoine McColister (born May 11, 1988), better known by his stage name Ace Hood, is an...  more

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  • Adam Clayton2

    Adam Clayton

    Rock music, Alternative rock

    AlbumsMission: Impossible (Theme)

    Adam Charles Clayton (born 13 March 1960) is an English-born Irish musician who is the bass...  more

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  • Adrian Belew3

    Adrian Belew

    Rock music, Industrial rock

    AlbumsInner Revolution, e, Side One, Raven Songs 101, Young Lions

    Adrian Belew (born Robert Steven Belew, December 23, 1949) is an American musician, songwriter...  more
  • 4

    Aleka's Attic

    Rock music, Garage rock
    Aleka's Attic were an alternative folk/rock band from Gainesville, Florida, formed by River...  more
  • Alex Clare5

    Alex Clare

    Dubstep, Future soul

    AlbumsThe Lateness of the Hour, Too Close, Up All Night, Endorphins (Remixes), Treading Water

    Alexander George Clare (born 14 September 1985) is a British-Israeli singer and songwriter....  more

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  • Alex Winston6

    Alex Winston

    Pop music

    AlbumsSister Wife, The Basement Covers, Velvet Elvis

    Alexandra Leigh Winston is an American indie pop rock singer-songwriter and...  more
  • 7


    Popular music, Pop music

    AlbumsAllstars, The Land of Make Believe

    allSTARS* were a British pop group, who were active between 2001 and 2002, enjoying some chart...  more
  • Alun Davies8

    Alun Davies

    Skiffle, Pop music

    AlbumsRelax Your Mind

    Alun Davies (born 1942) is a Welsh guitarist, studio musician, recording artist, and composer...  more
  • AlunaGeorge9


    Pop music, Electronic music

    AlbumsBody Music, Your Drums, Your Love, You Know You Like It, Royals / White Noise: Live from the BRITs

    AlunaGeorge are an English electronic music duo from London, consisting of Aluna Francis and...  more
  • 10

    Amazing Blondel

    Psychedelic folk, Medieval folk rock

    AlbumsRestoration, Fantasia Lindum, Evensong, Blondel, England

    Amazing Blondel are an English acoustic progressive folk band, containing Eddie Baird, John...  more
  • Amazulu11


    New Wave, Pop music

    AlbumsAmazulu, Too Good to Be Forgotten, Cairo

    Amazulu were a British ska/pop band from the 1980s. Composed of five women and one man, they...  more
  • 12


    Hip hop music, Rhythm and blues

    AlbumsWalter T. Smith, Running Song, Hip Hop Love Soul Sampler 2

    Ambersunshower (born Ambersunshower Nadine Miligros Villenuevo Smith) is an R&B singer and...  more
  • Ambulance LTD13

    Ambulance LTD

    Indie rock

    AlbumsStay Where You Are, LP, New English EP, Ambulance LTD, Primitive (The Way I Treat You)

    Ambulance LTD was an indie rock group formed in Spanish Harlem, New York City in 2000. The...  more
  • Amelle Berrabah14

    Amelle Berrabah

    Pop music, Dance-pop

    AlbumsNever Leave You

    Amelle Berrabah (born 22 April 1984) is an English singer, songwriter and former member of the...  more
  • American Hi-Fi15

    American Hi-Fi

    Pop punk, Pop music

    AlbumsAmerican Hi-Fi, Hearts on Parade, Fight the Frequency, The Art of Losing, Rock 'n' Roll Noodle Shop: Live From Tokyo

    American Hi-Fi is an American rock band formed in Boston in 1998. The band consists of lead...  more

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  • Amy Winehouse16

    Amy Winehouse

    Doo-wop, Pop music

    AlbumsBack to Black, Frank, Lioness: Hidden Treasures, Rehab, Remixes Promo 2

    Amy Jade Winehouse (14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011) was an English singer and songwriter....  more
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  • Anberlin17


    Rock music, Emo

    AlbumsCities, Never Take Friendship Personal, Blueprints for the Black Market, Devotion, Dark Is the Way

    Anberlin was an American alternative rock band formed in Winter Haven, Florida in 2002,...  more

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  • Andrew Stockdale18

    Andrew Stockdale

    Neo-psychedelia, Heavy metal

    AlbumsKeep Moving, Keep Moving

    Andrew James Stockdale (born 20 July 1976) is an Australian rock musician, singer and...  more
  • Andrew Volpe19

    Andrew Volpe

    Rock music, Power pop
    Andrew Volpe is a singer and a musician....  more
  • Andrew W.K.20

    Andrew W.K.

    Pop punk, Glam metal

    AlbumsI Get Wet, Close Calls With Brick Walls, The Wolf, Girls Own Juice EP, 55 Cadillac

    Andrew Fetterly Wilkes-Krier (born May 9, 1979), better known by his stagename Andrew W.K., is...  more

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  • Andy Bull21

    Andy Bull

    Blue-eyed soul, Pop music

    AlbumsThe Phantom Pains, We're Too Young

    Andy Bull is an Australian alt-pop singer-songwriter and producer, based in Sydney. He is best...  more
  • Andy Hurley22

    Andy Hurley

    Pop punk, Rock music
    Andrew John Hurley (born May 31, 1980) is an American musician. He is the drummer for the rock...  more

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  • Andy Mackay23

    Andy Mackay

    Rock music, Rhythm and blues

    AlbumsIn Search of Eddie Riff, Resolving Contradictions

    Andrew "Andy" Mackay (born 23 July 1946) is an English multi-instrumentalist, best known as a...  more

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  • Angel24


    Pop music
    "Wonderful" is a song by British singer-songwriter and producer Angel. It was first released...  more
  • 25


    Pop music, Contemporary R&B

    AlbumsGift from an Angel, Believe In Angels... Believe In Me, Julie, 7 Minutes Before Time, About Time

    Sirach Charles, better known by his stage name Angel, is a British born Grenadian Bangladeshi...  more