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MCA Records Complete Artist Roster

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List of MCA Records artists, listed alphabetically with photos when available. This MCA Records roster includes both past and present artists. Popular MCA Records bands and artists are all listed here with information such as what genre the bands fall under and what albums they're known for. If you're looking for any of these MCA Records band's full discographies then click on their name and you can find them here on Ranker. The artists and bands on this list might be pop, rap, rock, electronic or any other genre, but what they all have in common is that they were signed by MCA Records.

This is a list that includes artists like Jimi Hendrix and Elton John.

This page can help answer questions like, "Who are the best MCA Records bands?" and "Which artists are signed by MCA Records?"

If any musical artists are missing from this MCA Records artists list, you can add them at the bottom of the list. {#nodes}
  • 52nd Street1

    52nd Street

    Rhythm and blues, Jazz

    AlbumsChildren of the Night, Look Into My Eyes, Can't Afford, Cool as Ice

    52nd Street were a British jazz-funk and R&B band formed in Manchester in late 1980.... more on Wikipedia
  • A House2

    A House

    New Wave, Rock music

    AlbumsWide Eyed And Ignorant, I Am the Greatest, On Our Big Fat Merry-Go-Round, A House: Live in Concert, No More Apologies

    A House was an Irish band from the 1980s to the 1990s, recognized for the clever, "often... more on Wikipedia
  • A-Teens3


    Pop music, Eurodance

    AlbumsSuper Trouper, New Arrival, Pop ’Til You Drop!, The ABBA Generation, The Abba Generation Remix

    A-Teens was a Swedish pop music group from Stockholm, Sweden, formed by Niklas Berg in 1998 as... more on Wikipedia

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  • A34


    Acid house, Electronic music

    AlbumsExile on Coldharbour Lane, M.O.R., La Peste, Outlaw, Power in the Blood

    Alabama 3 is an English band mixing rock, electronic, blues, country, gospel, and spoken word... more on Wikipedia
  • Aaron Hall5
    Aaron Hall (born August 10, 1964), is an American soul singer and songwriter. He is a current... more on Wikipedia
  • Ace in the Hole Band6

    Ace in the Hole Band

    Honky-tonk, Country

    AlbumsAce in the Hole

    The Ace in the Hole Band is the backup band for country music performer George Strait, who was... more on Wikipedia
  • Adam Ant7

    Adam Ant

    New Wave, Pop music

    AlbumsManners & Physique, Goody Two Shoes, Vive le Rock, Strip, Wonderful

    Adam Ant (born Stuart Leslie Goddard; 3 November 1954) is an English singer and musician. He... more on Wikipedia

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  • Adamski8


    Acid house

    AlbumsDoctor Adamski's Musical Pharmacy, Killer, Adamski's Thing, Killer: The Best of Adamski, Liveandirect

    Adam Paul Tinley (born 1968), known professionally as Adamski, as well as Sonny Eriksson, is... more on Wikipedia
  • Adrenalin M.O.D.9

    Adrenalin M.O.D.

    Acid house, Pop music
    Adrenalin M.O.D. was a British male vocal/instrumental acid house pop group. The members were... more on Wikipedia
  • Alain Johannes10

    Alain Johannes

    Blues-rock, Indie


    Alain Johannes Mociulski (born May 2, 1962) is a Chilean-American multi-instrumentalist and... more on Wikipedia
  • Alanis Morissette11

    Alanis Morissette

    Pop music, Rock music

    AlbumsJagged Little Pill, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie, Under Rug Swept, Underneath, Jagged Little Pill Acoustic

    Alanis Nadine Morissette (; born June 1, 1974) is a Canadian-American singer, songwriter,... more on Wikipedia

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  • Alex Blake12

    Alex Blake

    Post-bop, Jazz
    Alex Blake (born Alejandro Blake Fearon, Jr.) is a post-bop jazz double-bassist and electric... more on Wikipedia
  • 13

    Alice Cooper

    Rock music, Garage rock

    AlbumsBillion Dollar Babies, Killer, Love It to Death, School's Out, Muscle of Love

    This is about the Alice Cooper Group that existed until 1975.
  • Alisha14


    Pop music, Italo disco

    AlbumsNightwalkin', Hindi, I Don't Know What Comes Over Me, Bounce Back, Alisha

    Alisha Ann Itkin (born April 16, 1968, in Brooklyn, New York) is an American freestyle and... more on Wikipedia
  • All City15

    All City

    Hip hop music

    AlbumsMetropolis Gold

    All City was an American rap duo composed of Brooklyn-based rappers J. Mega and Greg... more on Wikipedia
  • Allen Collins Band16

    Allen Collins Band

    Blues-rock, Rock music

    AlbumsHere, There & Back

    The Allen Collins Band was a spinoff of southern-rock bands Lynyrd Skynyrd and The... more on Wikipedia
  • 17


    Contemporary R&B, Rhythm and blues

    AlbumsChapter III, Sunny Days, Cuts, Allure, All Cried Out

    Allure is an American New York-based R&B girl group that formed in the early 1990s as a... more on Wikipedia
  • Andrew Latimer18

    Andrew Latimer

    Progressive rock, Canterbury scene
    Andrew Latimer (born 17 May 1949, Guildford, Surrey, England) is an English musician and... more on Wikipedia

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  • Andrew Taylor19

    Andrew Taylor

    New Wave, Rock music

    AlbumsThunder, Dangerous, The Spanish Sessions EP, Stone Cold Sober

    Andrew Taylor (born 16 February 1961) is an English musician, singer, songwriter and record... more on Wikipedia
  • 20

    Andy Howard

    Pop music, Pop rock
  • Andy Powell21

    Andy Powell

    Rock music, Progressive rock
    Andrew Powell (born 19 February 1950, Stepney, London) is an English guitarist and songwriter,... more on Wikipedia
  • Angelfish22


    Dream pop, Alternative rock

    AlbumsSuffocate Me, Angelfish

    Angelfish was a short-lived early-1990s Scottish alternative rock group originating from... more on Wikipedia
  • Anthony Hamilton23

    Anthony Hamilton

    Neo soul, Contemporary R&B

    AlbumsComin' from Where I'm From, Ain't Nobody Worryin', Soulife, Comin' From Where I'm From, XTC

    Anthony Cornelius Hamilton (born January 28, 1971) is an American singer, songwriter, and... more on Wikipedia

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  • Antônio Carlos Jobim24

    Antônio Carlos Jobim

    Brazilian jazz, Latin jazz

    AlbumsAntonio Brasileiro, Getz/Gilberto (feat. Antonio Carlos Jobim), Elis, Jobim, Musicalmente

    Antônio Carlos Brasileiro de Almeida Jobim (January 25, 1927 – December 8, 1994), also known... more on Wikipedia
  • April Wine25

    April Wine

    Rock music, Hard rock

    AlbumsThe Nature of the Beast, Animal Grace, Frigate, Power Play, Attitude

    April Wine is a Canadian rock band formed in 1969 and based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The band... more on Wikipedia

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