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No Limit Records Complete Artist Roster

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List of No Limit Records artists, listed alphabetically with photos when available. This No Limit Records roster includes both past and present artists. Popular No Limit Records bands and artists are all listed here with information such as what genre the bands fall under and what albums they're known for. If you're looking for any of these No Limit Records band's full discographies then click on their name and you can find them here on Ranker. The artists and bands on this list might be pop, rap, rock, electronic or any other genre, but what they all have in common is that they were signed by No Limit Records.

This list below has a variety of artists in it, from Snoop Dogg to Master P.

This page can help answer questions like, "Who are the best No Limit Records bands?" and "Which artists are signed by No Limit Records?"

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    504 Boyz

    Hip hop music, Southern hip hop
    504 Boyz were an American hip hop group led by Percy Miller, aka Master P of No Limit Records...  more
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    Big Ed

    Hip hop music
    Big Ed may refer to: Nickname: Ed "Big Ed" Burns (c. 1842–?), American con man and crime...  more

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    Hip hop music, Gangsta rap
    Corey Miller (born March 9, 1971), better known by his stage name C-Murder, is an American...  more

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    Southern hip hop
    Darwin Turner (born October 29, 1980), better known by his stage name Choppa, is an American...  more
  • 6


    Hip hop music
    Shante Scott Franklin (born April 4, 1981), better known by his stage name Currensy (stylized...  more

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    Dangerous Dame

    Hip hop music
  • 8


    Gangsta rap, Hyphy
    Shon Adams, better known by his stage name E-A-Ski, is an American rapper and producer from...  more
  • 9


    Hip hop music
    Richard "Ricky" Jones (born May 13, 1976), better known by his stage names Fiend or...  more
  • 10

    Full Blooded

    Hip hop music
    Full Blooded (also known as Da Hound) is an American rapper formally signed to Master P's No...  more
  • 11

    Gambino Family

    Hip hop music
    The Gambino Family was an American hip hop group founded by Master P in 1997, named after the...  more
  • 12

    Ghetto Commission

    Hip hop music
    Ghetto Commission formerly known as G-Squard was a rap group signed to No Limit Records whose...  more
  • 13

    Kane & Abel

    Hip hop music
    Kane & Abel, formally known as 'Double Vision', is an American hip hop duo formed by twin...  more
  • 14


    Hip hop music, Rhythm and blues
    Craig Stephen Lawson a.k.a. KLC, (born July 15, 1969) is an American record producer from the...  more
  • 15


    Hip hop music
    Krazy, born Michael Wilson, is an American rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana. He formerly...  more
  • 16

    Lil Italy

    Hip hop music
    Lil Italy (born September 8, 1973) is an American rapper who began his career as G-Note of...  more
  • 17

    Lil Ric

    Hip hop music
    Lil' Ric (born Ritchie Fontaine) is an American rapper from Richmond, California, formally of...  more
  • 18

    Lil Romeo

    Hip hop music
    Percy Romeo Miller (born August 19, 1989), formerly known as Lil' Romeo, is an American...  more

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  • 19

    Lil' Soldiers

    Hip hop music
    Lil Soldiers was a short-lived rap group signed to No Limit Records whose members were...  more
  • 20


    Hip hop music, Rap music
    Awood Johnson (August 16, 1975 – March 1, 2013), better known by his stage name, Magic (or Mr....  more
  • 21

    Master P

    Hip hop music, Gangsta rap
    Percy Robert Miller (born April 29, 1970), also known by his stage name Master P, is an...  more

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    Hip hop music
    Raquel Miller (born 1978), better known by her stage name Mercedes, is an American rapper and...  more
  • 23

    Mia X

    Hip hop music
    Mia Young (born January 9, 1972), better known by her stage name Mia X, is an American rapper,...  more

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    Mo B. Dick

    Hip hop music, Dirty rap
    Raymond Emile Poole (born July 4, 1965) better known by his stage name Mo B. Dick is an...  more
  • 25

    Mr. Marcelo

    Hip hop music
    Mr. Marcelo is an American rapper who was briefly signed to No Limit Records in 2000. Taking...  more