Famous Bands from Bangladesh

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List famous Bangladeshi bands and solo musicians, listed by popularity with photos when available. These popular bands from Bangladesh come from a number of different musical genres, including rock, pop, metal, electronic, jam, punk and acoustic. These might not necessarily be the best Bangladeshi bands, but this list contains a majority of the greatest bands from Bangladesh. Music lovers who are looking for new music to listen to can use this list of talented Bangladeshi musicians to discover some great new bands and artists.

The list you're viewing is made up of many different bands, including Runa Laila and Hason Raja.

This list answers the questions, "Which bands are from Bangladesh?" and "Which bands are popular in Bangladesh?"
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Habib is listed (or ranked) 9 on the list Famous Bands from Bangladesh
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Habib Wahid (born October 15, 1979) is a Bangladeshi composer, musician and singer. He works on modern Pop music, EDM and a fusion of traditional Bengali folk music with contemporary techno and urban beats. His music is mainly influenced by British Bangladeshis, while he was living in the UK as a student. He is the son of the 1970s singer Ferdous Wahid. He has also produced music in Indian Bengali movies. He won Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Music Director for the film Projapoti (2011). ...more on Wikipedia

Genres (Music): Fusion, Pop music, Folk music, Film score, Techno

Albums: Krishno, Akash Chhoa Bhalobasa, Ahoban, Shono!, Panjabiwala, + more

Nationality: Bangladesh

Labels: Laser Vision

Career Began: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Lalon is listed (or ranked) 10 on the list Famous Bands from Bangladesh
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Lalon also known as Fakir Lalon Shah, Lalon Shah, Lalon Fakir or Mahatma Lalon (Bengali: লালন; c. 1772 – 17 October 1890; Bengali: 1 Kartik 1179) was a prominent Bengali philosopher, Baul saint, mystic, songwriter, social reformer and thinker from the Indian subcontinent. Regarded as an icon of Bengali culture, he inspired and influenced many poets, social and religious thinkers including Rabindranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam, and Allen Ginsberg although he "rejected all distinctions of caste and creed". Widely celebrated as an epitome of religious tolerance, he was also accused of heresy during his lifetime and after his death. In his songs, Lalon envisioned a society where all religions ...more on Wikipedia

Nationality: Bangladesh, India

Anil Biswas is listed (or ranked) 11 on the list Famous Bands from Bangladesh
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Anil Krishna Biswas (अनिल कृष्ण विश्वास / অনিল বিশ্বাস; 7 July 1914 – 31 May 2003) was an noted Indian film music director and playback singer from 1935 to 1965, who apart from being one of pioneers of playback singing, is also credited for the first Indian orchestra of twelve pieces and introducing orchestral music and full-blooded choral effects, into Indian cinema. A master in western symphonic music was known for the Indian classical or folk elements, especially Baul and Bhatiyali in his music. Out of his over 90 films, most memorable were, Roti (1942), Kismet (1943), Anokha Pyaar (1948), Taraana (1951), Waaris (1954), Pardesi (1957) and Char Dil Char Rahen (1959). He was also the ...more on Wikipedia

Genres (Music): Film score

Nationality: India

Mushfiqul Alam is listed (or ranked) 12 on the list Famous Bands from Bangladesh
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Albums: Tunes Of Heaven

Nationality: Bangladesh

Labels: Cotheeka Music

Career Began: Bangladesh