Famous Bands from Bolivia

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List famous Bolivian bands and solo musicians, listed by popularity with photos when available. These popular bands from Bolivia come from a number of different musical genres, including rock, pop, metal, electronic, jam, punk and acoustic. These might not necessarily be the best Bolivian bands, but this list contains a majority of the greatest bands from Bolivia. Music lovers who are looking for new music to listen to can use this list of talented Bolivian musicians to discover some great new bands and artists.

This list contains bands like Fabio Zambrana and Mark Justinian Lea Plaza.

This list answers the questions, "Which bands are from Bolivia?" and "Which bands are popular in Bolivia?"

Jaime Mirtenbaum Zenamon (born 1953) is a classical guitarist and composer. He was born in La Paz, Bolivia, and studied guitar and composition in Israel, Spain and Portugal as well as in South America. He taught at the Berlin Academy of Music from 1980 to 1992. He now lives in Curitiba, Brazil. In addition to advanced concert repertoire, he has written a number of pieces for beginning and intermediate guitar students, some of which have been included in collections of student repertoire. ...more on Wikipedia

Nationality: Bolivia

Jaime Laredo (born June 7, 1941 in Cochabamba, Bolivia) is a violinist and conductor. Currently the conductor and Music Director of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra, he began his musical career when he was five years old. In 1948 he came to North America and took lessons from Antonio de Grassi. He also studied with Frank Houser before moving to Cleveland, Ohio, to study under Josef Gingold in 1953. He studied with Ivan Galamian at the Curtis Institute of Music until his graduation. From 1960 to 1974 he was married to the pianist Ruth Laredo. Laredo is currently a professor at the renowned Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. He served as artistic advisor for the Fort Wayne Philharmonic ...more on Wikipedia

Albums: Piano Quartets, Music for Strings and Piano Left Hand, Sonatas, BWV 1014 - 1017, Violin Sonatas / Cello Sonatas, + more

Nationality: Bolivia, United States of America

Eddy Navia

Eddy Navia is a composer and musician. ...more on Wikipedia

Albums: Carnaval En Piano Charango, Mozart En Marchu Picchu, En Charango, Music From the Bartender at Pena Macha Mama, Piano & Charango

Nationality: Bolivia

Luzmila Carpio

Luzmila Carpio is a Bolivian singer, who has performed in Spanish and Quechua, and former Bolivian ambassador to France from 2006 to 2010. ...more on Wikipedia

Albums: Luzmila Carpio, Kuntur Mallku - The Messenger

Nationality: Bolivia