Famous Bands from Scotland

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Only bands and artists from Scotland.

This list of famous bands and solo musicians from Scotland, United Kingdom, contains a wide range of different musical genres, including rock, pop, metal, electronic, jam, punk, country, hip hop, and acoustic. These artists might not necessarily be the best singers or groups ever, but they still remain many of the UK's finest and most popular male/female musicians across the country.

From the names Jim Diamond and Annie Lennox, to Angus Young, Calvin Harris, and Franz Ferdinand, this list features all of you favorite Scotland native artists.

If you're wondering, "what bands are from Scotland, Great Britain?" and "where can I find a good list of Scottish musicians?" then look no further! Check out the top Northern British artists below, and be sure to use this list of talented musicians to discover some great new bands/singers (and of course their songs/albums) from the European region.