The Best Bands Named After Body Parts

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Upvote the top bands with body parts in their names. We will allow a bit of leeway as to whether the band was actually named after a body part or whether the body part piece of the name was just a coincidence.

Plenty of musicians are inspired to name their bands after famous people, animals, or even colors. You’ll also find a surprisingly high number of bands with body parts in their names. Think quick: how many can you name without scrolling through this list? Odds are you can’t name them all.

The head seems to be the most popular choice when it comes to body part bands – in addition to Talking Heads you have Radiohead, Motorhead, Machine Head, Portishead and Lemonheads. Don’t discount the power of the eyes, either. A lot of bands named after body parts specifically got their name from the eyes, like Bright Eyes and Eagle-Eye Cherry. But then there are bands named after body parts that are more surprising. Think Bad Brains, or The Flaming lips. All manner of body parts are represented in these monikers, head to toe!

Scroll through this list of bands named after a body part, and be amazed at the sheer number of them all. Vote for your favorites, and maybe commit a few of these bands to memory. You never know when this musical category might come up at trivia night.

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