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The Best Bands Named After Bugs

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What is it about bugs that proves so inspiring? A number of great bands are named after bugs. These musical groups took their name from any number of different insects: bees, flies, butterflies, even locusts. You might be surprised to learn just how many groups have insect band names. When it comes to bands named after insects, you’ll find them in all different musical genres, though predominantly, it seems, in rock music.

To be clear, certain liberties have been taken on this list. It’s doubtful that the Bee Gees had bees in mind when they named the band – but bees are undeniably insects, so they’re on the list. Same for The Beatles. There is no doubt about some of these bands named after a bug, though: W.A.S.P., Papa Roach, and Iron Butterfly all make appearances here. But you might notice that Black Flag is missing – because as an insecticide, it would wipe out most of these poor insect bands.

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