The Best Bands Named After Cities

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Plenty of bands are named after various places, including countries, continents, and states. This list is for bands with cities in their name, and it’s impressive. In some instances, these bands are from the cities in their monikers. In others, the name choice seems rather random.

Bands named after cities represent all types of music, including new wave, synthpop and dance, glam metal, heavy metal, country and gospel, Americana and, of course, rock and classic rock. Perhaps the most well-known and successful band named after a city is the rock band Chicago, which was formed in the Windy City in 1967. Chicago has enjoyed success for decades, and the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016.

Other city bands include those representing American cities, including Boston, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Miami Sound Machine, Phoenix, Nickel Creek, and Sugarland. But this list also includes city band names from all over the world, like Of Montreal, Berlin, Beirut, Saigon Kick, and Architecture in Helsinki.

From Tokyo to Manhattan to London and even Glasgow, these are some of the greatest bands named after cities. Which band is your favorite? If you have several, vote for them all!

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