The Best Bands Named After Desert Animals

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Bands take their names from all manner of people, places, and things. So perhaps it's not surprising that so many bands are named after desert animals. Some were intentionally named for desert-dwelling animals; others are simply coincidence. Which of these desert animal bands is your favorite?

The Eagles are certainly one of the bands named after a desert animal, though the exact reasons for the name are murky. One theory holds that Eagles’ founding member Bernie Leadon suggested it, based on his interest in Hopi Indian mythology (the Hopi Tribe lives in the southwest desert region of Northeastern Arizona). Whatever the case, an eagle is most certainly a desert animal, though they can be found in all manner of climates.

In terms of desert animal band names, some of the most popular choices are the so-called “big cats." Lion band names are quite common: Pedro the Lion, White Lion, One Day As a Lion, and even Snoop Lion appear here. Other desert cat band names include The Cheetah Girls, Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies, and Glass Tiger.

From wolves to vultures to buffalo (and bison) and deer, this list of bands with desert animals in their name covers them all. Vote for the best, and vote down the bands you don’t think deserve a top spot.

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