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The Best Bands Named After Drugs

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Bands named after drugs or medicines aren’t hard to find in music today. Some of the names are quite straightforward, using “acid” or “cannabis” in them. Others are subtler, and likely have an interesting back story. These are some of the best bands with drugs in their name.

Pearl Jam is one of the more well-known, widely acclaimed bands on this list – yet the origin of their name is debatable. One story involves Pearl Jam getting its name because lead singer Eddie Vedder’s grandmother, Pearl, made jam with peyote in it. It might not be true, but regardless, it earns this band a spot on this drug bands list.

Between the Acid Junkies and Bongzillas of this list lie bands with more subtle nods to drugs. Green Day’s name came about when Billie Joe Armstrong wrote a song about his first experience with pot – and liked the song enough that it became the band’s moniker. Did you know that a “Motorhead” is also a speed addict in British slang? And Dexys Midnight Runners makes it appearance, "dexy" is short for the stimulant dexedrine. It’s a legal drug – but those count too.

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