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The Best Bands Named After Sea Animals

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When it comes to animal band names, some of the most popular choices seem to come from water. There are a ton of great bands named after sea animals. When you stop and really think about it, you’ll find a lot of bands took their name from fish, turtles, eels, oysters, and whales.

Sea animal bands include a lot of fish. The spellings may vary slightly – Phish, anyone? – but they all count. You also have Reel Big Fish, Fishbone, Jellyfish, Country Joe and the Fish, and School of Fish. There is no shortage of bands with fish in their name. And there are specific fish represented on this list, including Hot Tuna, Lake Trout, Leftover Salmon, and Hootie & the Blowfish. Basically, it’s a sushi spectacular.

But this list encompasses way more than just fish band names. Whales are incredibly popular when it comes to bands named after a sea animal. Examples include Freelance Whales, Noah and the Whale, and Said the Whale. And don’t forget The Wailers. Despite the spelling, Bob Marley’s iconic band makes an appearance here.

From The Coral Reefer Band to Blue Oyster Cult, these are some of the best seal animal band names, so vote for your favorites!