The Best Bands Named After Flowers

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Bands get their names from all sorts of different inspirations. Some go with animals as part of their name; others choose monikers that incorporate colors. These bands named after flowers clearly were inspired by the beauty of nature.

The best bands with flowers in their name have all sorts of different flower varieties in them. Without question, roses are quite popular with flower bands. Guns n’ Roses and The Stone Roses certainly prove that. But the humble daisy appears in several popular flower band names, including the country group SHeDAISY and Tripping Daisy, a psychedelic pop rock band. Other popular flowers used in bands’ names are lilies, snapdragons, bluebells, orchids, violets and daffodils. Of course, some of these bands named after a flower opted to be more general, so this list also includes Kara’s Flowers, Hothouse Flowers, and even Zuzu’s Petals.

Some popular bands decided to go the plant route in lieu of flowers. The Screaming Trees, Cactus, and the Kudzu Kings are all examples of bands with plants in their names. And yes, The Wallflowers are on this list, too.

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