The Best Bands Named After Historical Figures

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These bands named after a historical figure are from all genres of music – rock, new wave, metal, pop, and hip-hop. There are bands named after politicians, and bands named after notorious killers. Think you know them all? Read over this list, and be amazed at the sheer number of bands represented here!

Most of the historical figure band names on this list are fairly self-explanatory. You know, for example, that the Dead Kennedys took the band name from the storied (and tragically fated) American family. Franz Ferdinand is named after Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, whose assassination partially triggered World War I. Rutherford B. Hayes is Dead is both a fact, and the name of a band. Tesla is named after famed inventor Nikola Tesla, and the group Ed Gein takes its name from the real-life notorious serial killer.

Some of the most intriguing bands named after historical figures are tougher to crack. You might not know who Jethro Tull was, but the real-life figure was an agriculturist during the 18th century. The band Jethro Tull’s agent was a history buff, and he came up with it on the fly. It stuck, and the rest is musical history. Some swear that The Hollies got their name from Buddy Holly; others say it was inspired by Christmas holly on a band member’s house. And Asking Alexandria is actually named after Alexander the Great.

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