You’ll Never Believe Who These Bands Were Named After  

Samantha Dillinger

Bands such as Franz Ferdinand or the Dead Kennedys never shy away from the fact that their monikers come from other famed figures. But there are likely some bands out there you never realized took their names from someone else, and the most surprising ones appear in the video below.

Most people know Fleetwood Mac takes its name from members of the band, and you'd need to be a pop culture neophyte to not comprehend the reference in Elvis Depressedly's name.

Yet many of music's biggest acts actually took their names from other people, and a large portion of the population has no idea. They're hiding in plain site, and but the truth is very much out there.

Watch the video below to find out which band names are actually derived from other names. After watching, you might just find yourself seeing some of the most familiar acts in a whole new light.