The Best Bands Named After Songs and Albums

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A variety of different bands have taken their names from other songs or albums. Bands named after songs represent virtually every music genre, including classic rock, alternative, metal, R&B, and more. Impress your friends with your knowledge of music trivia by learning about all these bands who took their name from songs!

The stories behind how bands named after albums and songs got their monikers are fascinating. Arguably the most famous band with a song in their name is The Rolling Stones. Legend has it that when asked about the band’s name by the media, original member Brian Jones spotted a Muddy Waters album nearby – with the song “Rollin’ Stone” – and answered, “The Rolling Stones.” And yes, if you were wondering, Rolling Stone magazine also took its name from the same song.

Another iconic British band, The Moody Blues, supposedly took inspiration for its name from the Duke Ellington song “Mood Indigo.” Radiohead got its name from the Talking Heads song “Radio Head.” Judas Priest got its name from Bob Dylan’s song “The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest.” And Death Cab for Cutie was inspired by the song of the same name, performed by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, most notably in the Beatles’ 1967 Magical Mystery Tour movie.

What are the greatest bands named after other songs? How about album bands? All of them are represented here on this list, so be sure to vote for your favorites.

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