The Best Bands Named After Stars, Planets, and Other Things in Outer Space

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What do Earth, Wind & Fire, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Silversun Pickups all have in common? Aside from the fact that they are all musical groups, they are all bands named after space in some way. This list covers planet bands, bands named after stars, and even moon band names – in short, any name that would make a NASA engineer or astronaut proud. Can’t think of many? Grab your telescope, feast your eyes on this list, and be amazed!

Virtually every aspect of space is covered in these band names. In terms of bands named after a planet, you have the aforementioned bands with Earth and Mars in their names, respectively. There are many more – and they represent many different genres of music. Among the planet band names: The Mars Volta, The Neptunes, DJ Neptune, and Brave Saint Saturn. You’ll also find a lot of star bands, including Big Star, Mazzy Star, Jefferson Starship, and Midnight Star.

Why the overload of great bands named after planets and other celestial bodies? It just sounds cool, and space is always that great mystery. Whether they're named for a notable constellation or one of the mysteries of the cosmos, these groups know how to get earthlings dancing.

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