The Best Bands Named After Sports Terminology

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Sports and music: it’s a classic combination. Not surprisingly, plenty of musicians are sports fanatics, and they've even named their bands after their on-field idols. These are the best bands named after sports, as voted on by music-lovers like you.

Lots of bands are named after sports or athletes from all over the world. The '90s all-female alt-rock band Luscious Jackson is named after former pro basketball player Lucious Jackson.  Other basketball-inspired band names include Gnarles Barkley (after former all-star Charles Barkley) and possibly Pearl Jam. There are multiple stories about this band’s name, but its original name was “Mookie Blaylock,” after the NBA point guard. Does the band deserve a spot on this list? You decide.

Did you know that artist MC Hammer was named after a famous sports figure? Rapper Stanley Kirk Burrell grew up in Oakland, and he was a bat boy for the A’s. As the story goes, A’s owner Charles O. Finley thought Burrell looked like baseball legend Hank Aaron, whose nickname was “The Hammer.”

These are all great bands with sports in their name. Be sure to vote for the best athlete band names – and of course, vote down any you don’t like!

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