The Best Bands Named After States

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The best bands named after states include some of rock’s most iconic groups, a country music powerhouse ensemble, at least one of the most famous punk bands ever, and a multitude of indie music darlings. In some cases, these bands with states in their name are from the state – but in other cases, the decision to use the name was seemingly random.

In terms of regions, a majority of the most well-known US state bands hail from two specific areas: the Midwest, and the South. Examples of bands named after US states in the south include the Alabama Shakes, Florida Georgia Line, The Georgia Satellites, North Mississippi Allstars, and The Kentucky Headhunters. And then there’s Alabama, a country band which has racked up over 30 number-one hits since forming in Fort Payne, Alabama, in the late 1970s. Interestingly enough, the original band name was “Wildcountry,” but it was changed to simply “Alabama” fairly early on.

Bands named after a US state in the Midwest include the Ohio Players, The Ohio Express, Defiance, Ohio, Abandon Kansas and the multi-platinum selling classic rock band Kansas.

From Alaska to New York and beyond, these are some of the greatest bands with US state names. Time to vote for your favorites!

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