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The Best Bands That Sing About Video Games

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In the past decade or so, nerdcore and gaming-oriented bands have found much larger audiences and bands that sing about video games are beloved in gaming culture. There are so many, in fact, that you could use a list of musicians singing about video games! Vote up the acts you love, and downvote those you don't think are worthy of singing about games.

The Protomen, with their Mega Man-themed rock operas, are among the most popular video game bands ever. Other acts like Armcannon have infused metal with video games in a way that's surprising upon first listen, but in retrospect, was probably inevitable. When we're talking about video game bands, there are a lot of options to choose from, from rock to metal to rap and electronic - even folk rock, as provided by Jonathan Coulton. 

Video games have become so popular that gamers want to consume video game media even when they're not playing games. This list of bands and musicians that make music about video games will point you to the best of the best.
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    7bit Hero

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    7bit Hero isn't just a band about video games. They also make actual playable games that they encourage audiences to play at their shows. It's an ingenious gimmick that distinguishes them from other bands specializing in game-inspired music.
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    An indie progressive rock band, Minibosses take video game theme songs and cover them in their unique style, creating sprawling and epic tracks that have engendered a dedicated fan base. 
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    Based out of Los Angeles, the Megas are a cover band that have a very clear focus, and it's probably obvious: They love the Mega Man franchise. However, they're unique in that they take their covers of instrumental themes and add lyrics to integrate seamlessly into the song. 
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    This electronic band combines chiptunes and bitpop with guitars to create a unique sound that listeners who grew up playing arcade and console games love. Their Kickstarted album Endless Fantasy was all about the Final Fantasy series. They attracted a whole new audience after providing the Nerdist podcast with its poppy, catchy theme song.
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