Bands & Musicians Who Played Concerts in Prison

Bands who played shows in prisons come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including everyone from Frank Sinatra to the Sex Pistols. The below famous prison gigs took place across the nation and provided some outstanding music to those behind bars. You'll find a detailed list of bands that have played in prisons below. 

Musicians and bands who played in prisons often did so for moral or political reasons. Bob Dylan, for example, opted to play at a New Jersey prison in tribute to Ruben Carter, a boxer wrongly convicted of murder who is the subject of Dylan's song "Hurricane." Some musicians, such as Metallica, recorded their prison performances and used the footage on albums or in music videos. Whatever their motivation, the musicians below gave inmates a small taste of the outside world with their performances. To learn more about musicians and bands that had shows in prisons, read this list. 

Photo: patrick h. lauke / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0