The Best Bands with Numbers in Their Names

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What’s the most famous band with numbers in their name? Drawing a blank? This list of number band names will help. You might be really surprised just how many musical groups include digits in their names.

In terms of sheer popularity, there’s no doubt that The Jackson 5 are one of the most famous bands with digits in their names. In this case, it’s "5" because the band includes five brothers, but that’s not always a hard and fast rule with number bands. You might think that 10,000 Maniacs just pulled that number out for effect. In fact, the moniker comes from the low-budget horror movie Two Thousand Maniacs. In terms of lower digits, you’ve got lots of threes, fours and fives here, because that’s a good number of people for a band: 3 Doors Down, Three Days Grace, Three Dog Night, The Four Seasons, Four Tops, Maroon 5, Ben Folds Five, and many more.

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Most divisive: One Direction
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