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The 12 Most Audacious Bank Robbers of the Depression Era

The Great Depression isn't only known for being the era of economic hardship and strife, it was also one of the most prolific periods for daring bank robbers. Sometimes referred to as the Public Enemies Era, the 1930s saw the rise of great bank robbers, a group of reckless men (and women) who might have once found a career blazing a pioneer trail. Left with nothing to do but vent their rage at a government and upper class that put them in a dire situation, they turned to a life of crime. While G-men worked to take them down, these public enemies blazed a trail across the American consciousness.

The escapades of bank robbers during the Great Depression were captured in newspapers with all the pulpy zeal of a dime store novel. They became pseudo celebrities and Public Enemy Number One. 

You may have heard of Dillinger, or Bonnie and Clyde, but these well-known faces are just the surface of a rogues' gallery that goes deeper than any comic book.