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Unspeakable Times
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17 People Who Somehow Managed To Rob Banks Without Any Violence Whatsoever

Updated 10 Jan 2020 28.0k views17 items

Most of the crazy bank robberies in movies are dramatic and dangerous, with guns and threats of violence. In real life, they're not always so violent, but they do sometimes rival the kind of genius robberies that the Ocean's 11 crew pulls off. 

One group of bank robbers spent the entire weekend casually robbing a bank vault, drinking wine and partying as they stole millions. Another robber didn't even start his crime spree until he was 87 years old. These are some of the most interesting stories about nonviolent bank robbers. Some of them got away with it, some of them got caught, but all of them tried to answer the question that most of us ask ourselves from time to time: "Could I get away with it?"

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