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Celebrities don't always get what they want. And they most certainly aren't welcome everywhere they go, despite their notoriety and wads of cash. From restaurants to hotels to entire countries, celebrities have crossed some lines that some view as too far.

Everyone loves a good celebrity temper tantrum. But not every celebrity tantrum is good for business. From Azealia Bank's recent Twitter tirade to Charlie Sheen's tiger blood meltdown, it's easy to understand why establishments would have no qualms about banning certain celebrity from ever stepping foot inside the building. Some celebrities have even been kicked out of entire countries due to their disastrous criminal records or even some minor social faux pas. For example, just look at Selena Gomez: the girl takes a picture with the wrong person and suddenly she's banned from entering China.

Just like regular 2am wasted club-goers, celebrities can get kicked out of a bar for acting unruly. The only difference is that TMZ is instantaneously there to report on the matter. Some controversial, some wildly confusing, and some just downright odd - we've gathered some of the most noteworthy celebrity banishments in all of Hollywood. No publicity is bad publicity. But some bad publicity can definitely get these celebrities kicked out of some swanky places or banned from traveling to their favorite foreign getaway. Here are 22 celebrities that were banned from places that had had enough.
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Tiger-blood-infused goat's milk treatment advocate Charlie Sheen was ejected from New York City's Plaza Hotel after he trashed his suite. Naked and on more drugs than you can imagine, Sheen tore the place to shreds while his porn star friend hid in the bathroom. Police were called to handle the situation and Sheen was asked never to stay at the hotel again.

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Azealia Banks was banned from Twitter following a cyber rant that included an endless list of racial and homophobic slurs. Nothing new for Banks - the Twitter troll and underperforming rapper has been known to dish out incomprehensible hate at anyone and anything willing to challenge her in the Internet realm. Her most recent tirade found her locked out of Twitter after she personally targeted former One Direction member Zayn Malik and 14-year old Disney Channel star Skai Jackson. The new low has only resulted in Banks's outrage being transferred to Instagram.

Banks is now being investigated by UK officials, a move that could potentially result in her being banned from performing in the country. She has already been taken off the lineup for the London Born & Bred Festival.

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During a screening of 12 Years a Slave, Madonna decided she'd break the most simple rule of movie theater etiquette and text up a storm throughout the viewing. When fellow movie-goers told Madge to cut it out, she reportedly lashed out and was being difficult. Too busy to stop texting on her Blackberry (people still use those?), Madonna was asked to leave the screening at the Texas Alamo Drafthouse and barred from any future attendance.

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Likely on a stop somewhere on a TMZ tour bus, Ariana Grande has been banned from returning to Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, California. Dubbed Donutgate, the pop star was caught on camera licking the doughnuts on display and uttering "I hate America." America quickly hated Grande back after the footage was released to the media. Wolfee Donuts issued a statement saying that they would be pressing charges against the singer. 

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