15 People Who Were Banned From Shops Reveal What Happened So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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Being escorted out of a store can be embarrassing to say the least. Most people try to avoid it, but sometimes you do something you don't even realize may get you kicked out. So, if you'd like to know how to avoid being banned, then read through these stories about how people got banned from stores.

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    They Gamed The System At Chuck E Cheese

    From Redditor u/Papaya_flight:

    This is how I got banned from Chuck E Cheese.

    I figured out that I could take a ball from the game where you shoot the clown's teeth and use it at the skeeball machine. The skeeball machine would count the points but not the ball used, which enabled me to play forever with just one ball and max out the machine. I did it on two skeeball machines before someone noticed and I got banned/kicked out.

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    They Built Up $70 Worth Of Late Fees At The Library

    From Redditor u/No_Magazine2270:

    I was banned from the library as a kid. Overdue fees, they let you go up to $70 before canceling your card.

    I was an avid reader and my mom hated taking me to the library, always said she would, and then changed her mind last minute. It was a 6-mile walk round trip so I would take a wheeled suitcase and get around 25 at a time, the fees added up fast. 

    I resorted to swiping books and returning them and I’m pretty sure some of the Librarians just turned a blind eye. They forgive the debt when you turn 18.

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    They Were Being Classic Teenagers At A Theme Park

    From Redditor u/Phormicidae:

    I got "banned" from Six Flags Great Adventure (NJ) several times in the early 90s. Back when I was in high school, season passes cost like $40 or something, making it a no-brainer to buy one if you intended to go at least twice. My friend and I went probably 5-7 days a week since we lived close by. We knew the park and its operations better than pretty much anyone who didn't work there and eventually grew too comfortable with taking shortcuts through employee areas, trying to climb things we shouldn't, bothering other guests, and overall being a bunch of New Jersey Teenagers (aka jerks).

    Thing is, the only IDs we had on us were our Season Passes, which we always assigned fake names for no preplanned reason. We eventually got in so much trouble they would take our passes and tell us we were banned for life. Well, another $40 at the front gate and boom, back in with a new name. They needed at that time to figure out the flaws in their system.

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    They Wore An "Inappropriate" Shirt At The Mall (Bought In The Same Mall)

    From Redditor u/par337:

    Got banned from the mall when I was younger because I wore an inappropriate shirt that I bought in the mall.

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    Their Mother Had A Meltdown At A Pizza Place

    From Redditor u/biggieknish:

    My family has been banned from a local Marcos pizza for years because of my mom. she used to have some anger issues and also really really loves garlic butter. when Marcos forgot to include the garlic butter with the order she called and asked them to deliver the single cup of garlic butter to our house. Marcos (reasonably) said they can't do that, but she could come to get it. she stormed over there with our pizza and proceeded to smear the whole thing on their windows and counters. haven't had Marcos since.

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    They Took Pictures At A Grocery Store

    From Redditor u/Representative_Bad57:

    I got band for taking pictures of products and price signs at a small grocery store while shopping. I was just trying to keep track of which stores had which food at cheaper prices so I could plan my shopping trips.

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