15 Controversial, Disturbing Horror Movies That Were Banned

Horror films have been around for almost a century, and many are beyond disturbing. Some horror movies take their nastiness a step further than repulsing or scaring viewers by being so gory, bizarre, terrifying, or controversial that cities, provinces, and even countries ban them. These shocking horror films proved to be too much, and were kept out of public view in certain places for years. A few are even still banned today.  

If you're a horror aficionado who needs more than jump scares to make your blood run cold, you'll love these banned horror movies. From infamously bad-good B movies to artistic, award-winning horror films that took Cannes, there are a lot of banned horror films out there. For some, their banning is almost understandable. For others, that they were banned is stranger than the films themselves. 

Whether you want to watch something so grotesque or like laughing at outrageously dated gory effects, you will love this list of controversial classic and new school horror. 

Photo: The Evil Dead / New Line Cinema