16 Celebrities Who Were Banned From Late-Night Shows
Photo: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno / NBC

16 Celebrities Who Were Banned From Late-Night Shows

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Celebrities and late-night talk show hosts usually have a symbiotic relationship. The celebrity guest can use the show as a platform to promote their latest project, while the host can ask juicy questions and get fun stories from a star that their audience is interested in. Once in a while, however, this harmony is thrown completely out of balance. 

In many instances when a celebrity is banned from a late-night show, it's due to their actions on the show. Late-night hosts have a tricky job, corralling spontaneous famous people to adhere to the format of the show. Plus, much of late-night television is live, meaning the hosts have no choice but to roll with it when things go off the rails. An unpredictable guest might not get invited back.

In other cases, celebs have been preemptively banned before they've even been a guest due to conflict outside the show. A lot of these feuds are actually between various late-night hosts themselves. Sometimes the ban sticks for life; other times it may be reversed. Whatever the reason, each of these people became a persona non grata on at least one late-night show.