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Episodes Of Beloved Sitcoms So Intense, You're Not Allowed To See Them Anymore

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It takes a lot for a sitcom episode to get pulled from the air or completely banned altogether, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. Usually it requires that the show goes into some sort of territory that is unconventional, to say the very least, and while that might be expected from more socially controversial shows like The Simpsons or Family Guy, there are plenty of other programs that went shockingly beyond the pale.

Sometimes, however, it’s less a fault of the writers and more a result of changing political attitudes or unexpected events that paint certain plotlines in a whole new light. It’s not exactly easy to see the future, after all. Whatever the reason, unaired or banned shows go down as a sort of urban legend, so here are 15 sitcom episodes you have to seriously go out of your way to try and find in their original format

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    The Show

    Family Guy

    What The Episode Was

    When Peter Griffin decides to become a Muslim, he quickly discovers that he is actually a pawn in a disastrous plot by terrorists to blow up a bridge in Quahog. 

    Why It Was Pulled From Rotation

    "Turban Cowboy" was retroactively pulled from rotation after its original premiere because of one flashback sequence, where Peter remembers winning the Boston Marathon by running over his competitors with a car. The episode aired just a few months before the events at the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, and in an effort to be respectful FOX pulled it from its regular rotation.

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    Ren and Stimpy

    What The Episode Was

    The episode begins when Ren and Stimpy are adopted by a hardened, militaristic owner named George Liquor. In his attempts to teach them what real "discipline" is like, Liquor threatens to tear apart the titular duo forever.

    Why It Was Pulled From Rotation

    The episode was pulled for one moment in particular: when Ren's frustrations towards Liquor reach a boiling point he takes his anger out on Stimpy by bashing his head in with an oar. The slow-motion style of the violence as well as the grotesque and detailed imprints from the beating left on Stimpy's face crossed a line that Nickelodeon wasn't willing to accommodate. This eventually led to the network banning it from ever airing on TV. 

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    The Show

    Beavis and Butthead

    What The Episode Was

    Beavis and Butthead decide to pursue new careers as stand-up comedians. However, when their attempts fail, the duo decide to set fire to the comedy club, while they watch it burn to the ground from nearby.

    Why It Was Pulled From Rotation

    "Comedians" wasn't pulled for the content of the episode itself necessarily, but for what it inspired in real life. Specifically, a 5-year-old named Austin Messner watched "Comedians", and after hearing one of the characters say that fire was "fun" in the episode, set fire to his family home later that night, resulting in the passing of his younger sister. After that, MTV pulled the episode from rotation for good.

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    "Elephant Issues"

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    The Show

    Tiny Toons

    What The Episode Was

    The first segment of the "Elephant Issues" episode was a segment titled "One Beer," in which Buster Bunny, Hamton J. Pig, and Plucky Duck stumble upon an unopened bottle of beer. After the characters each take a swig they proceed to have an unfortunately wild drunken night that ends in them all dying by drunk driving off a cliff.

    Why It Was Pulled From Rotation

    That the message of the "One Beer" segment was that drinking was dangerous, and should therefore be discouraged. Yet many viewers and parents reacted negatively to the whole segment and argued that the topic was too dark to be featured in a normally kid-friendly cartoon. It was pulled by the network quickly thereafter. 

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