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Blake Edwards
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Banned Super Bowl 2012 ads represent a select few commercials that for one reason or another will not air during the NFL Championship game, the Super Bowl. Sometimes banned Super Bowl ads are simply not awesome enough to make the cut while some are completely inappropriate and declined by the broadcast network airing the big game. For Super Bowl XLVI, NBC has the rights to the broadcast and has the final say on Super Bowl commercials.

Despite having the power of veto for any ads, NBC had no problem selling all of its advertising slots during Super Bowl XLVI months before the game with 30-second spots averaging at a record high $3.5 million. There's one company however that has confirmed that its commercial will not be seen by the tens of millions of viewers.

The Big and the Beautiful, a dating website for full-figured men and women, released what they said was an ad banned by NBC for Super Bowl XLVI. The spot, which features plus-sized "America's Next Top Model" winner Whitney Thompson, was reportedly declined by the network, at least according to representatives of the website. NBC denied the claim stating that never purchased advertising space to even submit the racy commercial for consideration.

Though NBC didn't elaborate on other spots that it rejected, if any, but another quite controversial ad was in the news for its scheduled appearance during the Super Bowl. Randall Terry, an anti-abortion extremist, found a loophole in FCC rules that would have allowed him to air a graphic commercial showing dead fetuses during the Super Bowl. He got around the FCC and networks by claiming it's a political ad for a local primary in which he's running as a write-in candidate. If he actually runs the graphic ad or not is still up for debate since technically he's not running for office.

However ads get banned, it's almost better for some companies to take the free publicity that comes with a banned Super Bowl ad rather than paying the millions of dollars to air the ad. Then again with that much money on the line those companies who do advertise leave us with some of the sexiest Super Bowl ads and some of the best Super Bowl ad cameos of all time.

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Randall Terry's Anti-Abortion Ad (Warning: Graphic)