The Most Outlandish Barack Obama Conspiracy Theories

Ever since he emerged onto the national political scene in 2004, Barack Obama has been followed around by conspiracy theories. Everything from his religion, birth certificate, childhood, and country of origin to his sexuality and his status as not being the anti-Christ has been questioned, debated, smeared, impugned, and accused of being false. But what are the facts about these Obama conspiracies?

Even the casual conspiracy theory watcher is familiar with the most popular of these theories: that he's secretly Muslim, that he was born in Kenya, that he has no legal US birth certificate, that his father isn't actually his father, that he stole the election, etc.

But it takes a real conspiracy maven to dig this deep and find some of the alleged plots on this list of truly outrageous Barack Obama conspiracy theories. Did he REALLY threaten to kill Chelsea Clinton? Is he REALLY a dictatorial tyrant? Did he REALLY plot to nuke the country and shut down our computer grid?

Read on and find out... though be careful. Mysterious deaths also follow this president around...

Please note that some of the material on this list is based on work done for the website Skeptoid, particularly this post.